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The first NFL game was played on October 3, 1920 between the Dayton Triangles and the Columbus Panhandles. Dayton won the game 14-0.

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Q: Which two teams played in the first NFL game?
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Which 2 nfl teams played in the very first super bowl game?

The Baltimore Colts and the Dallas Cowboys played in the first Superbowl consist of purely NFL teams.

What 2 teams played in the first playoff overtime game in NFL History?

Baltimore Colts and New York Giants in the 1958 NFL Championship Game.

Which teams played in the first football game?

The first college football game was played in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton. The first NFL game was played in 1920 between Dayton and Columbus.

What teams played in the 1968 thanksgiving day NFL game?

Lions and Eagles

What NFL teams had Chris Warren played for?

Chris Warren played for several NFL teams. The NFL teams that Chris Warren has played for includes the teams the Seattle Seahawks, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

What two teams played in the first Thanksgiving Day football game?

The first NFL game on Thanksgiving was between the Canton Bulldogs and the Akron Pros. Akron won 7 - 0.

Who played the first game between an AFL team and an NFL?

The Denver Broncos played in the first ever AFL-NFL game, and won.

When do NFL teams arrive at the stadium?

The NFL teams arrive at the stadium before the game. They leave when the game is finished.

What teams played the greatest game in NFL history?

green bay and kansas city

When was the first NFL football game on Thanksgiving broadcast on the radio and what teams played in the game?

1934 between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears ... the Bears won 19-16.

Did the NFL once have a consolation game before the Super Bowl?

Yes. For ten years, 1960-1969, the NFL played a game called the Playoff Bowl that pitted the two losing teams from the playoffs (only four teams made the playoffs at the time). The game was played the week following the NFL Championship game. Six of these games were played before the Super Bowl was created ... four after. The Playoff Bowl games ended with the AFL-NFL merger.

What was the first game in NFL history?

The first game in NFL history was played on october 3, 1920. the game was played by the Columbus Panhandles and the Dayton Triangles. Dayton won the game with a score of 14-0.

Who played in the first nfl game?

micheal jordan

What year was the first NFL game played?


Who played the first NFL game?

micheal jordan

What NFL teams has Tim Tebow played on?

Tim Tebow is quite the football player. As for the NFL teams he's played on, he has played on the teams of the Denver Broncos as well as the New York Jets.

How many NFL teams played in 1999?

In 1999, there were 31 teams playing in the NFL.

What is the least number of first downs in a NFL game?

The NFL record for fewest first downs in a game by both teams is 7 in a game between the Chicago Cardinals and Detroit Lions in 1940. The game ended in a 0-0 tie.

Where was the first NFL game played in 1920?

The first game between two NFL sanctioned teams was in Dayton, Ohio on October 3, 1920 when the Dayton Triangles defeated the Columbus Panhandles 14-0. However, the first game played during the 1920 regular season was played between an NFL sanctioned team, the Rock Island Independents, and a independent football club, the St. Paul Ideals, who was not associated with the NFL. That game was played on September 26, 1920 at Douglas Park in Rock Island, Illinois. The Rock Island Independents defeated the St. Paul Ideals 48-0.

Have any NFL teams won the super bowl after losing their first game of the year?


Is there a list of participants in NFL championship games dating back to the first championship game played?

Click on the 'NFL Championship Games' link below to see all participants in the NFL championship game since the first championship game was played in 1933.

In what state was the first professional football game played?

As far as the NFL goes, the first game was played in Dayton, Ohio on October 3, 1920 Pennsylvania (this is true! It is not Ohio!) The first American football game that used players that were paid for playing was played in Pennsylvania in 1892. The first NFL game was played in Ohio in 1920.

Who has played for the most teams in the NFL?

Jeff Brady, Chris Chandler, Mark Royals, and Karl Wilson have all played for 8 NFL teams.

When was the first NFL pro football game played?

The first NFL game was played on October 3, 1920, between the Dayton Triangles and the Columbus Panhandles. Dayton won 14-0.

Why was the NFL schedule only 14 games back in 1972?

The NFL played a 14-game season from 1961 until 1977. Before that, teams played a 12-game season. The 16-game schedule didn't start until the 1978 season.