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Q: When was the first television football match between Arsenal v Everton?
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Everton vs arsenal 2009-2010?

In the match between Everton and Arsenal played on the 15/8/2009 . Arsenal won the match 6-1.A complete whitewash.

What was the first football match on tv in colour in the UK?

The first match shown was a friendly between Arsenal and Arsenal Reserves at Highbury, on 16th September 1937.

What year was the first Merseyside football derby?

The first football match between Liverpool and Everton was contested on October 13, 1894. Everton won the match 3 - 0.

What is the link between football clubs rangers and arsenal?


Who was the first foreign football player to play for EVERTON football club?

It was Bengt Kjell, a swedish GK, who played in a friendly match, in Råsundavägen, between AIK Solna and Everton, on 12th of May 1950. He was an AIK GK but when Ted Sagar, the GK of Everton, got injured he replaced him..

Who was the first 2m football transfer between English clubs at start of 92 and93?

Tony Cottee West Ham to Everton

What is the connection between arsenal psv eindhoven wigan athletic bayern munich Bolton wanderers?

Answer: They're all football clubs

Which football match is known as the Merseyside Derby?

It is a football match between Liverpool and Everton. It is also known as the Liverpool Derby and The Friendly Derby. It is know as the Friendly Derby due to the fact it is the only derby that does not separate fans.

Arsenal's new ground is emirates which ground did thay play their home games in before this?

Highbury, North London, which was the home ground of Arsenal Football Club between 6 September 1913 and 7 May 2006

What is the difference between football and cricket?

Cricket uses a bat (not a paddle, contrary to what you might have seen on American TV!) Asking what the difference is between Football and Cricket is like asking the difference between a lion and a hamster! Have a look on Wikipedia, they have an excellent explanation of the rules and gameplay of cricket.

Where did football team England play against Egypt?

The match between England and Egypt which was a freindly game, was played at the Arsenal ground The Emirate Stadium.

How far away is Arsenal from Leeds?

There are about 324.702 miles between Arsenal and Leeds.

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