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Remove the toner cartridge.

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Q: Which two methods can restart a stopped print service?
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What service would you restart if printing stopped?

Print Spooler

What tool can you use to stop and restart the Windows print spooler?

service console

How do you restart the print spooler service from the command line?

There is no restart feature in Windows from the commandline. To restart a service you need to stop it first with: "net stop spooler" and then start it again with "net start spooler". Without the quotes of course..

How do you restart print spooler?

Start the Print Spooler service from the Services console: 1) Click Start, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK. 2) Right-click the Print Spooler service, and then click Stop. 3) Right-click the Print Spooler service, and then click Start.

When you print with a Windows system and the print jobs and documents do not print when they are in the print queue what do you do?

You need to restart the print spooler.

How do you restart print spooler service vista?

When you try to install a printer or try to print some thing You get the following error . "Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running." Start>Run> type services.msc and click OK. Double-click the Printer Spooler service, and then change the startup type to Automatic. This sets the Spooler service to start automatically when you restart the computer. Click OK. Restart the computer and try to install the printer again. If that doesn't work, the problem could be related to corrupted printer drivers that are installed on the computer. Try uninstalling all printer software from the computer and start from scratch.

How do you fix a printer spool?

Go to Start, Run, type services.msc press enter. Navigate to the print spooler object and click "Stop". Then restart the print spooler by clicking "Restart"

One of the earliest methods used to print illustrations was?

Engraving on copper plate. Then lithography. There were two methods that is used to print illustrations. The two earliest methods were engraving on copper plate and lithography.

What should you do if the printer is not working and the print job is stuck in a queue?

If you cannot get the printer restarted, you must cancel the job by right-clicking on it and selecting Cancel, to clear the queue. You may be able to get the printer working again by turning it off, unplugging it from the wall, and then plugging it in and turning it back on; but the print job, if it is partially processed, will be unreadable. You can, instead of canceling the print job, pause it; restart the printer as described above; and then restart the print job with right-click and Restart job. That will sometimes recover the print job.

Print spooler stopped working app and was closed?

If you see some system messages like "Spooler SubSystem App has encountered a problem..." or "Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running" it's the big probability that your spooler is broken.

Where do you check to see if your print spooler is running?

Click on Start Button, Control Panel, Administrative Tools and then Services. Look down the list for Print Spooler, check under its status. If it says started then the Print Spooler should be running, however may have a problem. If it says stopped or is blank under the status column then it is not running. If it is not running, you can try and start it manually. If it is showing started but you are experiencing problems, Click on Stop and then Click on Start to restart the service. Generally I find it better to restart the computer if experiencing printer spooling problems which corrects the problem 90% of the time. Another option is to remove all printer drivers & printer software and re-install.

Why won't your printer print?

just turn off your printer and restart your computer or laptop

Where types of items can a person use a print management service for?

A person can use print management service for a variety of things such as multi channeling marketing, data service, direct marketing, document management and print services.

What is server in a network?

Server is a system that is used for providing services to clients. for example print server provides print service, dhcp service provides dhcp service

What is service blue print?

blue print mean contains of company charts

How do you print from your Nexus 7?

You can do so using the Google Cloud Print service. The printer will have to be cloud print compatible however.

How do you restart printer spooler?

Go to start, programs, accessories, command prompt. Type net start spooler, press enter. Go off to Control panel, printers and faxes and see your printer there. An alternative method:- Click Start, right click my computer, click manage, expand service & applications, click services, in the right pane - right click the name of your printer, click properties, on "general tab" start up type list - click enable or (start), under service status - click start, click ok, right click print spooler service, click start if it has stopped, quit computer management.

How can one troubleshoot a print spooler service that is not running?

The print spooler service is what makes ones printer print when connected to a computer. One needs to allows the printer to communicate with the desktop. The Microsoft website has information and advice on fixing the issue including to check the local server account and checking that is allowing the service to interact with the desktop.

How can you print a document in large print?

Hi, If you want to print that on 3D printing then is one of the best options for you. They are offering a quality 3D printing service at an affordable price. So, you can contact them to get this 3D printing service. Thank you

What service was needed for Windows NT to access Novell file and print services?

Client Service for NetWare

How do you wirelessley print from a ASUS Nexus?

Yes, any of the Nexus devices can wirelessly print through Cloud Print and/or the HP Print Service plugin. You can get to the printing options from Settings>System>Printing.

Which is the most famous print picture online service?

Exactly which print picture online service is the most "famous" is debatable. However, some of the most well known names include Shutterfly and Snapfish.

Where can I find custom printing for shirts?

You can print awesome designs and custom printing for shirts at your local print shop or by visiting a site such a vista print which offers this service at a reasonable price.

What is print spooler service?

A software program responsible for managing all print jobs currently being sent to the computer printer or print server. The print spooler program may allow a user to delete a print job being processed or otherwise manage the print jobs currently waiting to be printed.

What convenience stores offer digital photo print service?

There are many convenience stores that offer digital photo print service. Some of these convenience stores include Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Duane Reade.