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I would probably say the two best clubs of Germany is either FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund 09 or Schalke 04

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Q: Which two football clubs are the best in Germany?
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Where are the two biggest football clubs in Scotland?

Celtic Football Club and Rangers Football Club are generally considered to be the two biggest football clubs in Scotland. . Rangers Football Club is based in the Ibrox district of Glasgow, and Celtic Football Club is based in the Parkhead area of Glasgow.

What are the two main football clubs in hertfordshire?

Watford and Stevenage Borough.

I need two scottish football clubs?

Celtic and Rangers? They're the obvious two.

Which football clubs did Bobby Moore play for?

Bobby Moore played for two English clubs, West Ham and Fulham, and two American clubs, San Antonio Thunder and Seattle Sounders.

How many football league teams are there in Manchester?

There are two football clubs in Manchester; Manchester United and Manchester City.

Which two football clubs are closest to each other?

Notts County and Nottingham Forest

Which spanish striker played for two major football clubs of London?

Fernando Torres

What are top two football clubs in Italy?

Ac Milan and Inter Milan/ Juventus

What are the biggest football clubs in Argentina?

Boca Juniors and River Plate are the two main teams

What is the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United?

Manchester United and Liverpool are both football clubs in the UK. They are two of the most successful clubs in England and both claim the title of the Greatest English Football Club.

What are the two most popular sports in Germany?

Football and swimming

Who were the top two richest football clubs in 2007?

It was Real Madrid and Manchester United accrdind to Deolitte.

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