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Spain and Holland, which Spain won

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Q: Which two countries played for first place in the world cup 2010?
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How many country played in the first world cup 1930?

There were only 13 countries that year.13 countries played in the first world cup

Why revolutions only take place in the Third World and never in First World countries?

First World countries have the one essential thing most of your Third World countries lack - stability. An unstable country is going to descend into chaos, plain and simple.

Which two countries played the first match played in world cup 2002?

France and Senegal played the first match of the 2002 World Cup. Senegal beat the reigning world champions by 1 goal to nil.

Which countries played the final of first Cricket World Cup?

The first Cricket World Cup final was played between West Indies & Australia and England won the Cup.

Where does football take place?

Football is a sport that takes place on a large field. This sport is played in at least 50 countries around the world.

Who was invented the cricket first in this world?

Cricket was invented by the english, it is mainly played in the commonwealth countries.

How many countries took place in the world cup 2010?

32 countries took place.

Is Libya a third or first world country?

Libya is Third World. *First world countries are developed capitalist countries of the western world and the countries alligned with it such as Japan. *Second world countries are the communist/socialist countries. *Third world countries are the other 1/3rd of the world including rich countries such as Saudi Arabia to the poorest countries that werent alligned with either first or second world.

Which two countries played in the final of the first World Cup?

Uraguay 4 - 2 Argentina in 1930.

What is the economic status of the countries who belong to the first and third world countries?

economic status of the countries who belong in first world country

How many countries played in the 2002 FIFA World Cup?

32 countries played in the FIFA World Cup finals in 2002.

What are the names of the first world countries?

first world countries would be like Canada America, Britain,France and those types of countries

Who took first place in the World Cup 2010?

The World Cup 2010 was located in South Africa and lasted from June to July. Spain took the overall first place out of all the countries. Netherlands came in second.

Why are some countries referred to as first world countries?

Isn't it because the first world countries are on top of the technology revolution, seeing as third world countries are just trying to catch up.

Where was the World Cup played in 2002?

In the year 2002 the world cup was held in two countries for the first time, they were South Korea and Japan.

How was countries divided?

The first person in the world divided the countries.

What countries is netball played in over the world?

netball is played in 70 countries, mostly those in the Commonwealth

What are the differences in third world countries compared to first world countries?

Reidow ekek

Which player played for 2 countries in cricket world cup?

Keppler Wessels played for 2 countries in cricket world cup.He has played for South Africa and Australia.

How many played ICC cricket world cup?

14 countries played the world cup

What country is golf played in?

It is not played in every country in the world but it is played in the majority of countries.

What countries do refugees go to?

Most First and Second World Countries..

In what countries around the world is netball played?


How many different countries took part in first world cup?

13 countries took part of the first world cup.

What is Romanias place in the poorest countries in the world?

In 2010 Romania was on the place 50, from 169 countries of the world after the value of HDI (Human Development Index). This value was 0,767.