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Q: Which two countries participated in the first ever international cricket match played in 1844?
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Which countries played in the first ever international cricket match?

England and Australia

Which sport is most popular cricket or socer?

Some say soccer is most popular, some say cricket is more popular. But soccer is more popular in terms of fans. Soccer is played in more than half of the total countries in the world. Cricket is very popular in the countries in which it is played. International Cricket is played by about 20 countries.

What is place where cricket is played?

cricket is played in stadiums.There are many stadiums for cricket in different countries.

In which international stadium is the highest international cricket games played?

The Lord's

Who have played Test Cricket for India as well as for Pakistan?

Three players have played International Test Cricket for both the countries; India and Pakistan. They are: Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Gul Mohammad and Amir Elahi.

In how many countries is cricket played?

over 50 countries!!!!

What international sport is played at the MCG in summer?


Indian criketers names who played international cricket?

name of Indian cricket players those played in 1977

How many countries play the game cricket?

There are more then 100 countries all over the world were cricket is played according to the Laws of Cricket.

Where did India play the first International Cricket Match?

India played the first International Cricket Match at Lords in London in 1932.

Which player played for 2 countries in cricket world cup?

Keppler Wessels played for 2 countries in cricket world cup.He has played for South Africa and Australia.

Which international sport is played at the MCG in summer?

Cricket and Polo

What international sport is played at mcg in summer?

i think cricket

Where was Cricket started?

Cricket originated in England and is now played in over 100 countries.

In which international stadium is the highest one-day international cricket game played?

Which international cricket stadium holds the record for the most number of One-day internationals. *

When was the game of cricket invented?

Game of cricket has been started in the year of 16th century and from 1844 various international cricket matches were played and in 1877 official history of international test cricket begin.

What countries played a role or participated in World War 2?

heaven and hell

Who played most number of games for cricket club?

Sachin Tendulkar for Indian International Cricket Team

When did the first Cricket World Cup occur?

First cricket world cup was played in 1975. It was won by the west indies.Answer 2It was held from June 7 to June 21, 1975 in England. 8 countries participated in the event. The preliminary matches were played in 2 groups of 4 each.

List of all cricketers who have played international cricket?

Its practically impossible to give you the list of all the cricketers who played or playing international cricket. But for your satisfaction here is the link.

In what country do they play cricket?

Cricket is played in the United Kingdom, where it was invented. It is also played in most of the countries of the British Commonwealth.England.

How is test cricket different?

Test cricket is 5 days long and is played against countries.

Who was invented the cricket first in this world?

Cricket was invented by the english, it is mainly played in the commonwealth countries.

Who has played international football and cricket for Scotland goram or ronaldo?


Where was the first flood light international cricket match played?