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There isn't a trophy in Test cricket that Australia and South Africa play for (as at 18 December 2008).

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Q: Which trophy do Australia and South Africa play test cricket for?
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When is the next cricket tournament?

September 2009, Champions trophy in South Africa.

What is the biggest crowd recorded at a cricket match?

Australia vs south Africa in Australia

Which trophy do England and south Africa play for in test cricket?

It's the Basil D'Oliveira Trophy, named after the South African born England cricketer of the 1960s and '70s.

Has an Australian ever played test cricket for South Africa?

Australia has played test cricket in south Africa in 2009, 2005-06

Who organizes cricket champion league t 20?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India, Cricket Australia and Cricket South Africa organise it.

Which cricketer played test cricket for Australia and south Africa?

Kepler Wessels.

Why is football and soccer famous in south America but not cricket?

Cricket is not well known because South America was not colonized by the British. Cricket is a British sport and when the British colonized other nations like Australia and South Africa they brought cricket there.

When was South Australia cricket team created?

South Australia cricket team was created in 1887.

Winner of world cup 2007?

Cricket: Australia Rugby: South Africa

Highest score in one day cricket?

438-9 by South Africa vs. Australia

Who is the player played for two nations in international cricket?

Kepler Wessels- South Africa and Australia

What are the teams in cricket?

India,Australia,Pakistan,South Africa,England,West Indies,Newzealand etc.,

When did South Africa win the cricket world cup?

South Africa didn't win cricket world cup.

South Africa cricket team captain?

Graeme Smith is the current captain of South Africa cricket team.

Who is the highest scorer in odi cricket?

south africa 437-9 australia 434-5

Which teams reach the Semifinals in 1999 cricket world cup?

Australia,New Zealand,Pakistan,South Africa

Who reached the semi finals of cricket world cup 1999?

Pakistan,New Zealand,Australia and South Africa

Which is shorter Africa to south America or Africa to Australia?

Africa to Australia

How many times has south Africa won the world cup cricket?

South Africa have yet to win the world cup in cricket.

Is Australia near South Africa?

No. Australia and South Africa are around 11,000km apart.

How many team are participate champion trophy cricket 2009 schedule?

8 teams Group A - India, Australia, Pakistan, West Indies Group B- New Zealand, England, Srilanka, South Africa

Which player played for 2 countries in cricket world cup?

Keppler Wessels played for 2 countries in cricket world cup.He has played for South Africa and Australia.

Wich distance is shorter Africa to South America or Africa to Australia?

Africa to Australia is closer than Africa to South America.

What is the Indian men's team current ranking in world cricket?

1. Australia 2. South Africa 3. India

Who lost in the quarter finals of 2011 ODI Cricket World Cup?

Australia, South Africa, England and West Indies.