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2010 season was Blackpool, West Brom and Newcastle United

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Q: Which three teams got promotion to the premiership this season?
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How many football teams are there in the Premiership?

20 teams in the premiership.Twenty. Three are relegated each season, and replaced by three from the Football League Championship.

How does promotion in the English premier league work?

At the end of the season the last three teams in the E.P.L are demoted and the top three teams from the second league are promoted.

Which premiership player has played for three premiership teams and only scored only two goals?


How many goals did fabregas score in the premiership this season?


How much does a team get for promotion to the premiership?

The last three clubs will be demoted from the E.p.L. And the top three in the second division are promoted.

What premiership teams were three nil down and ended winning?

Liverpool did it and they rule!

Have the same teams promoted been relegated the following year?

In the 97-98 premiership season, all three promoted teams - Crystal Palace, Barnsley and Bolton - were relegated. Only once have all three teams stayed up - in 01-02 when Blackburn, Bolton and Fulham stayed up

How many premier league teams go down annually?

Three teams go down to the Championship at the end of each season, two teams Automatically get promoted and the teams that finish third, Forth fifth and sixth play off for the third promotion place

What qualifies promotion to Premier League from Championship League?

Three teams are promoted. The top two teams get automatic promotion. The next 4 teams play two semi-finals and a final to win the third position.

Who were the final three teams if The Amazing Race Season 12?

The Final Three Teams of The Amazing Race Season 12 were:TK & RachelRon & ChristinaNick & Don

What THREE players played for 3 of the premiership big 4 teams lpool utd chels and arsnl?

Anelka, Benayoun

Can football players play for three teams in a season?


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