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Brazil has won the world cup on five diffrent times.

Germany has won the world cup three times .

And Italy have won the world cup four times.

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2009-02-25 06:21:09
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Q: Which three international soccer teams have one the most world cups?
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How many international soccer teams in the world?

There are 207 teams in the FIFA World rankings.

How many international soccer teams are in the world?

The same number as FIFA's Associations: Currently in 2014, there 209 Associations affiliated.

How many teams are in the soccer World Cup?

There are 32 teams at the world cup.

Who are the Current ten highest paid soccer coaches for international soccer teams?

As of right now, 6/19, Fabio Capello (italian), England's Three Lion's Coach, is the highest paid coach in the world, making almost three times as much as other national coaches.

What does the star above the crest on soccer jerseys represent?

On international teams the star represents the number of world cups the country has won.

How many soccer teams try out for world cup soccer?


How many teams in the world of soccer?


How many soccer teams is in the world?


How many teams are in the soccer FIFA World Cup?

There are 32 teams in the FIFA World Cup.

What is the soccer tournament in the world called?

International Soccer (Football) World Cup

What is a famous soccer competition?

Fifa's world cup, it is held every 4 years. The most outstanding international teams compete to determine who is the best team in the world.

Why is soccer played throughout the world?

Soccer is the most popular sport played throughout the world. FIFA is the organization that runs the World Cup and other football-related international events. It is played throughout the world so many teams can compete against each other, which gives a bit of international spirit to the game.

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