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Steelers cardinals

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Q: Which teams played the best Super Bowl?
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What sport is played in the Super Bowl?

The "Super Bowl" name is a marking tool created by the National Football League to indicate the championship game to be played between the two best football teams. American football is the only sport known to use the term "Super Bowl". How the term "Super Bowl came about can only be surmised by the fact most teams play in a coliseum type venue. This venue looks more like a bowl. "Super game played in a bowl looking structure"

What is the best football teams?

steeler are the best football because they won seven super bowl

Who played the best in Super Bowl 44?

drew brees

What is the best Super Bowl?

super bowl 45

Does the same team that wins the Pro Bowl usually win the Super Bowl?

Well, that's impossible actually... because the pro bowl teams are made of of players from many different NFL teams. The best individual players from the AFC teams and the NFC teams are voted in, and they comprise an AFC and an NFC team which play in that Pro Bowl only. In the Super Bowl, the actual NFL teams who played the games throughout the season and beat the other playoff teams play each other. For instance, in any given year, one individual player from the Denver Broncos might play in the Pro Bowl because he was voted the best in his division. However, even though he plays in the Pro Bowl with other non-Broncos players, his team (the Broncos) won't go to the Super Bowl unless they beat all the other teams throughout the season.

Who are the people that choose the teams to play at the super bowl?

Nobody chooses the teams... The best team from the NFC and the AFC play each other...

What is the different between the Super Bowl and the pro bowl?

The Super Bowl decides the NFL champion and is played by the winners of the NFC and AFC championships. the Pro Bowl is a less serious game played by the best players in the NFC and the best in the NFC, selected by voting

What movie and television projects has Sedrick Irvin been in?

Sedrick Irvin has: Played himself in "NFL Monday Night Football" in 1970. Played himself in "Fox NFL Sunday" in 1994. Played himself in "Super Bowl XXXIII" in 1999. Played himself in "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" in 2001. Played himself in "Super Bowl XXXV" in 2001. Played himself in "Rome Is Burning" in 2003. Played himself in "Super Bowl XXXIX" in 2005. Played himself in "Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith" in 2005. Played himself in "Super Bowl XL" in 2006. Played himself in "Super Bowl XLI" in 2007. Played himself in "Super Bowl XLII" in 2008. Played himself in "Super Bowl XLIII" in 2009. Played himself in "Super Bowl XLIV" in 2010. Played himself in "Super Bowl XLVI" in 2012.

Why do they have Super Bowl?

To find out who is the best out of the top two teams in the NFL, plus everyone loves a sporting event,

What is the big event in American Football?

The super bowl When the two best teams in the NFL face off for the championship!

Who is the best team in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers. They have won 6 super bowl championships in the super bowl.

What was the best commercial of Super Bowl 44?

The best type of Super Bowl commercials was DORITOS!

Why was the first Super Bowl played?

To determine the U.S.'s best football team

What was the best nfl Super Bowl?

The 2008 super bowl of all time.

What if the football team where the Super Bowl is going to be played is in the Super Bowl?

That would be the best thing that could happen to that team! That team would play in his own stadium which is an advantage for them.

What team has the best Super Bowl record?

As of Super Bowl XLII, that would be the San Francisco 49ers who have a Super Bowl record of 5-0 and is the only team that has played more than one Super Bowl that has an undefeated record. The Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are each 1-0. While the 49ers have gone undefeated in their superbowl appearances, the Pittsburgh Steelers have played in 7 Super Bowl games and won who has the best record after all?

What is the best part of the NFL?

The Super Bowl

Can Dallas Cowboys play New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl?

No, because both teams are in the National Football Conference. The Super Bowl is played each year between the NFC champion and American Football Conference champion. The best postseason matchup featuring the Cowboys and the Saints would be an NFC Championship Game.

Who has the longest Winning streak for Super Bowl wins?

No Superbowl team has ever won the super bowl 3 times in a row. so the next best thign is to count how many Super bowls in a decade (how long the average star player and dynasty last). 2 teams (49ers and Stellers) have won 4 Super bowl in a single decade.

How are the terms AFC NFC NFL Super Bowl and Pro bowl related to one another?

AFC NFC NFL Super Bowl and Pro Bowl- How it all works: The NFL is the National Football League.The NFL is broken down into two conferences (set of teams)The AFC -American Football Conferenceand the NFC -National Football ConferenceThe Super Bowl:The winning team of the AFC Championship plays the winning team of the NFC Championship at the Super Bowl.The Pro Bowl:The Best players from all the AFC teams play the Best players from all the NFC teams at the Pro Bowl ( excluding players on the two teams that go to the Superbowl) If you play in the Super Bowl-you don't play in the Pro Bowl.The pro Bowl takes place a week before the Super bowl (it used to occur after the Super Bowl, but this custom changed 2 years ago).For the 2011 YearAFC Championship- Jets Vs Steelers (Jan 23 2011)-The Steelers wonNFC Championship- Bears Vs Packers (January 23 2011)The Packers wonPro Bowl- (January 30th 2011)Super Bowl -(February 6th 2011)Steelers Vs Packers

How many teams compete in the Super Bowl?

Two. The Super Bowl is pro football's world championship game. Sort of like the World Series in baseball. However, it is a single-elimination championship. One game, rather than a best-of-seven series decides the outcome. One team from the AFC and one from the NFC play in the Super Bowl. The two teams won their respective conference championship games.

Who will go to the Super Bowl?

The two teams going to the Superbowl in 2010, which is Superbowl 44 or XLIV, are the Louisiana Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, who are the best team in the universe.

Which NFL team has the best win record of super bowl games?

Through Super Bowl XLII, that would be the San Francisco 49ers at 5-0. The New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, and Baltimore Ravens are each 1-0. All other teams that have made it to the Super Bowl have lost at least once.

Does the best defense always win the super bowl?


What is the Best season for broncos?

The best regular season for the Broncos was 1998 when they went 14-2. They won the Super Bowl that season (Super Bowl XXXIII).