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All of the present teams in the Canadian Football League (CFL) have their names engraved on the Grey Cup. Two former CFL teams were also Grey Cup winners: Ottawa Rough Riders and Baltimore Stallions. Several other non-CFL teams have won the Grey Cup, but none since 1944.

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Q: Which teams have won Grey cups in the Canadian Football League?
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What is the big prize for the Canadian Football League?

the big prize in Canadian football, is called the Grey Cup.

What is the champianship game of the Canadian football league called?

Grey Cup

What is the big prize for the Canadian football league called?

The Grey Cup.

What is the name of the trophy given to the winner of the Canadian Football League?

Grey Cup

How many players on offense in the Canadian Football League?

In Canadian football, whether on offence, defence, or special teams, a team is allowed to have twelve players on the field ... and no more than twelve, as the Saskatchewan Roughriders learned the hard way in the 2009 Grey Cup Game.

What Canadian football team won the Grey Cup?

The Grey Cup is the name of the trophy awarded to the champions of the Canadian Football League (CFL), and is analogous to the Vince Lombardi trophy in the US National Football League. The Grey Cup was first awarded by Canada's Governor General in 1909. Every current CFL team has won the Grey Cup. Teams that have won the Grey Cup in the last 60 years, but no longer play in the CFL, are the Baltimore Stallions* and Ottawa Rough Riders. No other teams have won the Grey Cup since the end of World War II. The Baltimore Stallions are the only team not based in Canada to have won the Grey Cup. (*The Baltimore Stallions are now the Montréal Alouettes.)

For little league football teams what is the most popular uniform colour?

The most popular colors of uniforms for Little League football teams is often white or black jersey and either black, white, or grey pants. Other jersey colors include red, grey, and blue.

Why is grey cup important?

The Grey Cup is important to fans and players of Canadian Football as winning it marks the best Canadian professional football team.

Is there a Canadian football team in the NFL?

No. All 32 teams in the NFL are located within the United States. There is a professional football league in Canada called the Canadian Football League. The CFL consists of eight teams located in various cities within Canada. However, between 1993 and 1995, there were as many as 5 CFL teams in US cities. One, the Baltimore Stallions, won the 1995 Grey Cup before relocating to Montreal in 1996. Other cities were Sacramento, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Memphis, Birmingham, and Shreveport.

What is the trophy for Canadian University Football?

The Grey Cup

What is the difference between the Grey Cup and the Stanley Cup?

The Grey Cup is awarded to the championship game winners of the Canadian Football League. The Stanley Cup is the award that is given to the championship game winners of the National Hockey League.

How CFL works?

The CFL is the Canadian Football League, a league of professional Canadian Football teams. It works like any other sports league. The trophy for the championship in this league is called the Grey Cup, which was first awarded in 1909. Canadian Football is similar to American Football except the field is much bigger, both longer and wider, with end zones twice as deep. Twelve players are on the field at any time. In Canadian Football, the team must make 10 yards in three downs to retain possession. The ball is always active on every kick--there are no fair catches or touchbacks. A team can score a point by kicking the ball into the end zone and then preventing the other team from bringing it out. This is called a rouge.

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