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No surprise -- the New York Yankees have the most series victories (27) and most games won in World Series play (134).

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Q: Which teams have the most World Series victories?
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What baseball team has the second most World Series victories?

The St. Louis Cardinals is the baseball team that has the second-most World Series victories. The New York Yankees have the most victories.

What pitcher has the most world series victories?


Who has the most World Series victories?

the New York Yankees with 26 world championships

What teams have won the most world series?


What is the most total home runs by both teams in a World Series?

The most home runs both teams in the world series was by Toronto and Baltimore in the 1987 game.

What sports team has the most championships?

New York Yankees- 27 World Series victories

What two teams have won the World Series the most?

The top two teams with the most World Series titles are the New York Yankees with 27, and the St. Louis Cardinals with 10.

Who played on the most World Series championship teams?

Yogi Berra

What two teams have won the 2nd most World Series?

The Cardinals.

Teams yhat have won the most World Series?

Yankees 26

What mlb teams have appeared in the most World Series?

Top 5 Teams World Series AppearancesThe New York Yankees appeared in 40 World Series, The Dodgers 18, the Cardinals and the Giants 17, and the Athletics 14.

What team has won the most world series in major league baseball history?

The New York Yankees have won 27 titles, accounting for 25% of all series played and 43% of the wins by American League teams. The St. Louis Cardinals have won 11 World Series (10%) and 24% of the 46 National League victories.