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University of Tennessee Ohio State University Michigan (was on the list until 2008)

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Q: Which teams have never had an 8-loss season in Division 1A football?
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Who has Never been relegated from any English football division?

As of 2013 season: Wigan Athletic Arsenal were relegated in 1913

What division 1 head football coaches never played football?

charlie weiss

How many times has Southampton Fc won the premier league?

Southampton have never won the Premier League. Their highest position in the top division was second in Football League Division One season 1983-84.

How many times have Tottenham Hotspur won the Premiership?

Tottenham Hotspur have never won the Premiership ( as it is now known ), although they won the Football First Division ( the then top flight of English Football ) back in the 1950 - 1951 season and 1960 - 1961 season.

What was the score of the 1990 OHSAA Division 2 state Championship football game?

never cause they never played

How many division 1 college football teams have never played a division 2 team?

division 1 cant play teams from division 2 unless fcs

Which division 1A football teams have never played a division 1AA team?

UCLA USC Cal Washington Notre Dame

Has arsenal ever been relegated in English football?

Yes, way back in 1912-13 season when they were relegated to the then Fourth Division (what is now League Two). They have never been relegated since then.

What is Indiana's record vs Georgia in football?

Through the 2009 season, Georgia and Indiana have never met in football.

Which division 1 schools in football have never played a 1AA school?

USC, notre dame

How many division 1 head football coaches never played football?

charlie weis navy and 2 others in 08 09

Which teams have always been in the top division in English football?

Arsenal have never been relegated from top division under the name of Arsenal F.C

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