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the answer is France, the have been runners up 3 times.

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Q: Which teams have been runners up more than once in the rugby wolrd cup?
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Did the french rugby team ever win the rugby world cup?

Not as yet but they have been runners up in 1987 and 1999

For what teams did Darren Lockyer play rugby?

Throughout his career, Darren Lockyer has played for 3 teams. He has been apart of the Queensland, Australia, and NRL All Stars Rugby organization. He is still living today at the age of 36.

What are the players names of the rugby world cup 2011?

As yet teams have not been selected for the event (up to June 2011)

How many times have England been in the rugby union world cup and won?

They have won once in 2003 and come runners up twice since the tournament began

Has Georgia ever been in the World Cup?

I do not think Georgia has ever been to any world cup as yet.

How long has the springbok rugby teams logo been around?

The spring bok logo was not used on a jersey until 1906 when the SA team toured the UK

What Englishmen have been capped at Rugby Union and Rugby League?

Jason Robinson, winger or fullback both in rugby league and rugby union

Has rugby ever been in the Olympics?

no but rugby sevens will be in the 2016 olympics in rio

Who was the first welsh rugby player to play rugby?

there hasn't been anyone yet

Why is rugby no longer an olympic event?

There seems to have been several important reasons why rugby was excluded as an Olympic event after the 1924 Games in Paris: 1) After the gold medal game, won by the United States over France by the score of 17-3, angry fans stormed the field and the US team needed police protection to leave. 2) Baron Pierre de Courbetin stepped down as head of the IOC. He was a big rugby fan. 3) The event attracted very few teams. In 1924 only France, United States, and Romania were entered. In 1900 and 1908, only three teams entered the competition (In 1900, the teams were France, Germany, and Great Britain. In 1908, the teams were Australasia, France and Great Britain). In 1920, only France and the United States competed. So the fact that very few teams competed coupled with the near riot after the 1924 gold medal game coupled with the departure of Baron Pierre de Courbetin spelled the doom for rugby at the Olympics. There have been several attempts to get rugby reinstated into the Olympis without success. It doesn't look like rugby will be an Olympic event anytime in the near future.

How many teams have there been in the English premier?

There have been 42 teams.

Why has the rugby league star Jarryd Hayne been in the news recently?

Since the State of Origin is taking place, and the coachs are picking their teams, Jarrd Hayne didn't make fullback or Five-eight, and his kinda argry, his been on the news asking why didn't he make it.