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Real Madrid have won 9, the most of anyone. Milan have won 7, Liverpool 5, Man Utd 3 and Barcelona 2.

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Q: Which team won the most European cups Liverpool ac Milan man utd real Madrid Barcelona?
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Top ten winners of European champions league?

Real Madrid. Liverpool. A.c. Milan. Juventus. Manchester United F.C.Porto. Barcelona. Ajax. Inter Milan. Olympique Marseille.

Which are some of the famous football clubs?

Real Madrid. AC Milan. Manchester united. Barcelona. Arsenal. Juventus. Liverpool. Inter Milan.

What12 teams who have won the European cup twice?

Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool,A.c.Milan, Juventus , Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Ajax,Bayern Munich, F.C Porto, Benfica,

Name 3 players who have played for 5 clubs who have won the European cup?

Ronaldo (Inter Milan, A.C Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, P.S.V Eindhoven) Edgar Davids (Ajax Amsterdam, A.C Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter Milan)

Which club is the best in soccer?

No, it can't be Barcelona. It is a good club, but these are the best clubs you can have: Man. United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, R. Madrid, AC Milan and Barcelona

What are the most popular teams in the world?

real madrid, barcelona, manchester united, l.a. lakers, arsenal, chelsea, milan, liverpool

Is marek hamsik going to Liverpool?

Marek Hamsik is linked with Liverpool.He may go.He also is linked with Chelsea,Manchester united,Real Madrid,Inter Milan,AC Milan,and Barcelona.

What are the names of the clubs that has won Champions League till date?

Celtic, real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester united, borrussia Dortmund, feyenoord, ac Milan , inter Milan , Liverpool and many others....

What football players have played for 5 out of Real Madrid Aston Villa Nottingham Forest Barcelona Inter Milan Man United Liverpool Benfica Ajax PSV Juventus Hamburg Bayern Munich Celtic?

Ronaldo (PSV, Barcelona, Inter, Real, AC Milan) Davids (Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

What are the top 10 football clubs in Europe?

Liverpool,Barcelona,Real Madrid,Manchester United,Chelsea,Arsenal,Manchester City,Valencia,Tottenham,Inter Milan

Who are the riches soccer clubs in the world?

1.Man city. 2.chelsea. 3.Real Madrid 4.inter milan 5.Barcelona fc 6.a.c milan 7.liverpool fc

Who has played fo AC milan and inter milan?

The Brazilian striker Ronaldo Lima is the player who played for both Milan teams . He first played for Inter Milan after leaving Barcelona , and then joined A.C.Milan after he played for Real Madrid.