Which team won the 2009 f a cup?

Updated: 11/20/2022
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Chelsea football club.

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Q: Which team won the 2009 f a cup?
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How many times have arsenal won the carlin cup?

The Arsenal has only won the Carling Cup two times. However, English football is divided into different divisions and Arsenal is actually one of the most successful teams in English football history, winning 11 F. A. Cups for 13 total championships.

Slovakias group for the World Cup?

During the world cup Slovakia was in group F.

Who was the first footballer to wear white boots in an f a cup final?

John F. Kenidy

How do they get there players on the teams?

try outs and then if you tryed out for that team and you made it then they will put you on that team and they will tell you i f you did or did not make it

What Nobel Prize did Norman F. Ramsey win and when was it awarded?

Norman F. Ramsey won The Nobel Prize in Physics in 1989.

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Who won the 2009 K F C world cup of softball?

no one yet

Has ronaldo ever won the f a cup?


Who won the 2009 F A cup?

Chelsea won the 2009 FA Cup beating Everton 2-1 in the final.Louis Saha scored to Everton in the lead and also scored the fastest FA Cup goal ever in just 25 seconds.Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard scored to give Chelsea to pick up their 3rd trophy.

What was the attendance at 2009 f a cup final?


How many have wales times won the rugby world cup?

They won the Rugby 7's in 2009, beating Argentina but have not won the 15 a side version. Clearly the best team in Europe over the last 100 years with 11 Grand slams to date.

Have Leeds United won the F A Cup?

yeah in 1972

Have nigeria ever won the African cup f nations?

No they have never won maybe in the future

How many trophys have west ham won?


Who won the Breeders Cup in 2004?

Wilko 1:42.09 F. Dettori

What is te date of the 2009 F A Cup Final?

Saturday 30th May.

Who came last in the U E F A cup?

the team who has the worst goal difference

Have Liverpool won at Arsenals ground?

In the F..A cup Arsenal was 1 Liverpool 4 . It was in 1913.