Which team win always

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fc Barcelona and ac milan are the best team and the next team is Liverpool also it is a good team

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Q: Which team win always
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Does the best team always win?


Has a team ever had to lose to make the playoffs?

No, the extra win always helps.

Who is the fastest 4x400 relay team in the world?

Mason Road P.s. is the fastest relay team. They always win!

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo so important?

because he always helps his team win matches

Do you like the Detriot Lions?

no <P>Sure. I can always count on a win for my team when we play them.</P>

Does team rocket of Pokemon ever win?

nope. ash and co. always win against those evil failures. same in the games. u, the player, always foil their plot

If team a win 4 of last 5 match and team b win 4 of last 5 match which team will win the game?

team a would win

How does your team benefit from your participation?

well when you work together your probably going to win. I used to be on a soccer team, and our best player always hogged the ball. So we didnt win alot of games we only won one team. :(

What makes chivas a good team?

chivas is a good team because all of the players are Mexican and they are all young. and they always win America

Did Mickie's team win or Michelle's team win at survivor series?

mickie's team won

Why is the Dallas Cowboys your favorite team?

the dallas cowboys is my favorite team because they always keep there head up and they are very confidence whether they lose or win and they always work hard during the game

What team is the best in the premier league?

it is very obvious. manchester united is the best they always win and have the best players

Who will win the war between India and Pakistan?

Everyone should now this that even if Pakistan doesnt win Pakistan will always and i do mean always will be the best for people who are pakistanis so Pakistan cricket team we love u

Who will win at survivor series?

Team Co-Bro should win 3MB Team Clay should win Team Tensai Antonio Cesaro should win R-Truth The Big Show should win Sheamus Team Foley should win Team Ziggler John Cena should win CM Punk & Ryback

How important is it to win game 1 of the NBA finals?

It's pretty important because it always feels good to win and if you lose then you become down but if you win you have confidence you can beat that team again and again!

Who was the last team to win the nba?

a team

How do the welsh say may the best team win?

let the best team win

First unranked team to win the championship?

This was the first unranked team to win the championship

Does The Texas football team suck?

The Dallas COWGIRLS always suck and will never win a super bowl again! EAGLES

Always want to win what's it called?

person always wants to win

How can you win a game when the other team is better?

Because maybe the 'better' team makes a lot of mistakes in the game or one of the players on the 'worse' team gets hot and makes a lot of goals or plays a great game. Just because one team is better than the other does not mean that team is going to win. Even the poorest teams, the last place teams, win some games in a season. As a competitor, you always go into a game believing you can win. How you play usually decides whether or not you do win.

Does the bacon always win?

Always. It always wins.

Is a language of a team a good reason to pick that team?

no its not to pick a team to watch it win on TV you have to believe it could win and sometimes it does win but you don't need to choose you're countries team

How does an NFL team win their conference?

They win their conference when they beaten every team in it. Or have beaten every team in the playoffs in their conference.

What team in the NHL will win the 2008 Stanley Cup this year?

The best team in the NHL right now is the Edmonton Oilers . If they continue to play the way they have all year and avoid too many serious injuries, they are odds-on favourites to win. However, there are many variables in hockey and quite often the best team doesn't always win.