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arsenal on the 8th November beat man utd 2-1

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Q: Which team was the last to score against Man you in the premier lg?
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What team did Walter Payton score his last touchdown against?

seattle seahawks

Which team did Messi score against in the Champions League final last season?

Manchester United

Which team against did Cristiano Ronaldo score his last goal for Manchester United?

Stoke City

Who was the last team to score 4 against man utd?

Before West Ham last night (30 Nov), the last team was Liverpool, who won 4-1 at United in March 09.

What team did Cristiano Ronaldo score his 22nd goal against?

It is a team

What team won the football premier league last year?


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Who was the last Scotsman to score a first team goal against Chelsea?

Phil Bradsley (86') -Sunderland 3 Vs Chelsea 4

Who was Last English arsenal player to score against man utd?

The last english arsenal player to score again the Manchester United team was a man by the name of Murray Spencer who made an awesome header to win the game.

Which team finshed last this season in the premier league?

west ham united