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Sepak Tackraw. Malasian game like volleyball but no hands.

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Sepak takraw

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Q: Which team sport is played with a cane-ball called a Rattan?
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What 8 letter sport starts with C?

caneball, chinlone, corkball,

What is the sport they played in Disney's Decsendants?

The sport is called Tourney but it is fictional

What is football the sport as played in America called in Italy?

The sport that Americans call "Football" as played by the NFL is called "Football Americano" in Italy. The sport that Americans call "Soccer" as sanctioned by FIFA is called "Calcio" in Italy.

What is the natinoal sport of Argentina?

The national sport of Argentina is called Pato and it is a game played on horseback that has elements of basketball and polo.

What is the girls version of Hurly?

Camogie is the name of the sport played by women that is the equivalent of the sport played by men that is called Hurling. Sometimes Hurling is informally referred to as Hurley.

What sport is played on a surface called a green?

Lawn Bowling or "Bowls" in England.

What is the second sport played in Ireland?

The second sport is called Hurling. It is a game consisting of a wooden stick and a small ball called a sliotar. They consist of teams of 15.

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What is girls hurling called?

The variation of the sport of hurling that is played by women is known as Camogie.