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India made Highest score in ICC world cup matach against Bermuda.and the total score is 413/5

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Highest score by a team was 370.It was scored by team India.

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Q: Which team made highest score in ICC cricket world cup match and what was the score?
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What is highest score of bowler in cricket world cup matches?


What is the highest score by a captain in a world cup cricket match?

181 runs by Sir Viv Richards of West Indies in 1987 against Sri Lanka.

What was d final score of cricket world cup 2011 final match?

Final score of cricket world cup 2011 final match: Sri Lanka:274/6 India;277/4

What is the highest team score in cricket world cup?

The highest score achieved by a single team at the Cricket World Cup was 413-5, achieved by India against Bermuda at the 2007 competition.

Which player played highest match in cricket world cup?

sachind tendulkar

What is the highest recorded team batting score in a cricket 2020 match and how many runs did they score?

260/6 by Sri Lanka against Kenya in Johannesburg on 14 September 2007 during the ICC World 2020

In the cricket world cup which team has given the highest extras in one match?


Which team scored the highest total in the cricket world cup 1992?

Sri Lanka scored the highest total in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. They scored 313 runs against Zimbabwe in the third match of 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Who is the batsman to score three consecutive centuries in world cup cricket match?

mark waugh."australia"

What was the score in the India vs England game in the 2011 cricket world cup?

338 and the match was a tie

Highest 20-20 cricket score?

Highest T20I score is 260-6 for Sri Lanka against Kenya in 2007 T20 World Cup in South Africa.

Which player has the highest world cup individual score?

Gary Kirsten (South Africa) holds the record of highest individual score in Cricket World Cup. He scored 188* against UAE in 1996 world cup.