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Boston College and Virginia Tech both left the Big East for the ACC.

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Q: Which team left the big east for the acc?
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Is Maryland a team in the big east conference?

No they are in the ACC Conference

What conference did Miami play in before joining the ACC?

They were in the Big East from 1991-2003 before moving to the ACC in 2004.

University of Miami football before joining the ACC conference?

Big East

What conference did Virginia Tech play in before joining the ACC?

Big East

What conference was Boston College in before the acc?

BC was in the Big East between 1991-2004 before joining the ACC in 2005.

What year did Virginia Tech join the Atlantic Coast Conference?

2004, along with Miami. Boston College left the Big East in 2005 to join the ACC.

What conference was university of Miami in before the acc?

Big East between 1991-2003.

What teams have aoutomatic bids to the BCS?

If a team is in the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, or SEC and they win their conference championship game they will earn that conferences automatic BCS bowl bid

What college conference has most nba players?

1. ACC 2. Big East 3. Big Ten

Who plays in the gator bowl?

the gator bowl matches up teams from the big east and acc

How many times has a conference had two number 1 seeds in the ncaa tournament?

12 (The Big East had 3 in 2009) ACC - 4 Big East - 3 Big10 - 2 Pac10 - 1 Big12 - 1 SEC - 1 2009 - Big East (Pitt, UConn, Louisville) 2006 - Big East (Villanova, UConn) 2005 - ACC (Duke, UNC) 2003 - Big12 (Oklahoma, Texas) 2002 - ACC (Maryland, Duke) 2001 - Big10 (Illinois, Michigan St) 2000 - Pac10 (Stanford, Arizona) 1998 - ACC (UNC, Duke) 1993 - Big10 (Indiana, Michigan) 1985 - Big East (Georgetown, St. John's) 1982 - ACC (UNC, UVA) 1980 - SEC (UK, LSU)


Depends on which conference, and there is a lot of them,.. Big East, SEC, ACC., etc

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