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Uruguay knocked Ghana out of the World Cup 4-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the quarter-finals. They were the last standing African team in the tournament and the only African nation to ever reach the quarter-finals.

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Q: Which team knocked Ghana out of the world cup 2010?
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Which team knocked out Ghana out of 2010 world cup?

It was Uruguay.

Which team knocked US out of the world cup 2010?


What team knocked out USA in the FIFA World Cup 2010?


Which team are in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinals?

2010: Germany, Argentina, Ghana, Uruguay, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, and Paraguay.

Why should people support Ghana football team?

The Ghana football team are a good team, and they appeared for the quarter finals in the 2010 world cup,they became the third team from Africa to reach the quarter finals, the others were Cameroon 1990, Senegal 2002 and Ghana in 2010. and many players play their football in Europe.

What African country's team was the first ever to make the semi finals in the 2010 world cup?

It was Ghana.

Did the Ghanaian soccer team played in the 2010 world cup?

Yes Ghana did very well in the 2010 world cup . I think they reached the quarter finals.

What Seeded team did not qualify for the world cup 2010?

Croatia. They were knocked out when they finished only third in their group, behind England and Ukraine.

Which team of africa region had qualified for knock out stage during fifa world cup 2010?

The only team from Africa to qualify was the team from Ghana. They advanced in the round of 16 by defeating the US, but were then eliminated in the quarter-finals when they lost to Uruguay.

What team knocked Australia out of the World Cup in 2006?


Which team knocked Spain out of the world cup in 2002?

It was Brazil.

Who was the first team to get k knocked out of the world cup?

Was it Cameroon.

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