Which team is the best in euro cup?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Which team is the best in euro cup?
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What football team won the 1999?

There was no world cup or Euro cup in 1999.

What happens if a team wins euro and world cup which other team goes to confederations cup?

the hosting world cup country goes for free

Does andorra have a soccer team?

Yes Andora has a football team. but they are a week team and do not qualify for the Euro or the world cup.

Has Greece football team ever won a world cup?

Greece football team have won a Euro 2004 but not a world cup as yet.

Which team won euro 2008?

Spain. Euro 2008-spain. World Cup 2010-spain. Euro 2012-spain. So powerful.

Who was out with an injury from the Italian team during the 2008 euro cup?

Fabio Cannavaro

What does the winning team of the 2008 euro cup get?

The winning country gets an automatic bid to the next world cup.

Did any team winthe euro cup and then the world cup?

Three countries have done it. They are germany, France and Spain.

Best player of euro cup 08?

Bastion shweinstieger

Who has got the best chance to win the euro cup?


Which team won the last euro cup?

Spain after beeting Germany 1-0

Who was Zidane's best friend on the French national team?

Christophe Jérôme Dugarry.....him and zidane did youth together at bordeaux...they both won 98 world cup and 2000 euro...he is zidane's best friend not just in France team