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Q: Which team is older Manchester utd or Manchester city?
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Which team is older man utd or man city?

man utd

What team does naymour play for?

Manchester utd

Worst football team in the world?

Manchester Utd

Which team does David Beckham support?

well for the team LA Galaxy, Herbalife sponsors the team, but idk who just sponsors david. {EDIT/ADD-ON} David Beckham is sponsored by: * Motorola * Pepsi * Gillette * Volkswagen An he also has his own little branch of merchandise with adidas. HE has a whole heap more but i cant remember them atm. Just look at what he's wearing and that usually a give away!

Who has played for Manchester city football club and Manchester utd football club?

Carlos Tevez has recently moved to Man City from Man Utd.

What team did park ji-sung play after being in Manchester utd?

He is still playing in Manchester Utd as number 13 (as of 2010). If you mean before Manchester Utd, PSV Eindhoven in Holland (2003-2005).

Is leeds utd older than Manchester utd?

No, Leeds were founded in 1919 and Man united Were founded in 1878

Are Manchester Utd?

Manchester United are a Team in the Football League - Barclays Premier League. They are the BEST Football Team in the World.

Which team won the English premier league title most?

Manchester United has won the premier league the most

Who has the most supporter Liverpool fc or Manchester utd?

Manchester utd

Who is the best team in FIFA?

In Fifa 09 the best club team is Manchester Utd. and the best international team is Brazil!

Manchester United or Manchester City who as the most fans based in Manchester?

Manchester City by a mile. Most Man Utd fans live in places like Torquay and Guildford and Idaho USA!