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Q: Which team is most likely to win the afcon?
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What basketball team is most likely to win the 2015 final four tournament?

Kentuckey Wildcats

Who is most likely too win the x factor?

Joe was most likely to win, which is why he did win.

Is it more likely for the Mexican men soccer team to win the argentinan men soccer team?

It is more likely that Argentina will win, but there is all to play for.

Which basketball ncaa team will win in 2014?

The basketballteam most likely to win next year according to sports nation, Western Kentucky University; of Kentucky

Who are the sportsmen most likely to win gold medals from the Japanese olympic team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Kosoke Kitajima.

Who would win in a basketball game 1992 Dream Team or 2008 Redeem Team?

A very tough choice. Most likely, simply due to the athleticism and the amount of superstars that are used to taking clutch shots, the 2008 Redeem Team would win.

When will D-Generation X win the World Tag Team Championships?

Most likely they will not win the tag team titles. They reason is because at Survivor Series its likely Dx will break up again because Shawn Micheals or HHH will turn on each other in the handicap match.

What is the meaning of this quote form john wooden The team that makes the most mistakes will probably win?

It means that the team that makes the most mistakes will learn from their faults and are quite likely to succeed when it really counts.

In SOR Losers who felt most strongly that the team had to win?

Mr.Tillman felt most strongly that the team in SOR Losers had to win

If the Lakers play the Celtics who will more likely win?

Most likely, the Lakers will win. That's my opinion. :b

Who is most likely to win the 2014 Champions League?

The two teams people think are most likely to win are Bayern Munich (again) and Barcelona.

Which team is picked to win Super Bowl XLV?

the team that has the most points