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Spain points=1456

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Q: Which team is current world champion of football?
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Which team is present world champion of fifa?

Spain National Football Team.

Who is the current world champion of soccer?

In 2010 in the world it was Spain as the best team.

Who is the Current world champion soccer team?


Which team is the best football team in the world and why?

Barcelona are the best football team in the world because they have won 4 or 3 champion leagues and they have all the best players

Who is the current world devis cup tennis single man champion?

Noone, it's a team event, Spain is current champion.

Why do they say a football team is the 'world champion' when they don't play anybody outside the US?

because no other country can be bothered to play American football Because no other country can compete with NFL teams in American Football. The same reason the World Series champion is called the "World Champion" (though, in the case of MLB, there is one team, the Toronto Blue Jays, outside of the US). Moreover, the title "National Champion" is used by the champion of COLLEGE football, and is thus unavailable for the champion of professional football.

Football world champion team?

Pittsburgh Steelers, with their amazing 6 Superbowl wins!

Which football team in the world has the most cups?

Brazil is the record World Champion with five world cup victories.

What is the current world ranking of team Uruguay in football?


What is the history behind football in Spain?

In the European country of Spain, the most popular sport is football. The first football club was Recreativo de Huevla and was formed in 1889. Spain is the current FIFA world cup champion team.

Who is the current formula 1 champion 2010?

The current reigning F1 world champion of 2010 is Sebastial Vettel. He drove for the Red Bull Racing team.

What is the Indian men's team current ranking in world football?


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