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Texas Longhorns by miles

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Q: Which team is better Longhorns or the USC Trojans?
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Who is better usc Trojans or the Florida gators?

usc trojans

What team did the Longhorns beat in the 2006 Rose Bowl?


What university do the USC Trojans represent in the United States?

The University of Southern California is the university the USC Trojans represent in the United States. The USC Trojans represent the athletics team for the whole school.

Who was BCS NCAA Football champs for 2005?

The University of Texas Longhorns, who defeated the USC Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

Where can one see a football game of the USC Trojans?

To see a football game of the team the USC Trojans, one should visit the official USC Trojans webpage for tickets. Alternatively, one can get tickets from sites such as 'Stubhub'.

Which NCAA team has the most players in the NFL?

The USC Trojans

How many championships have the USC Trojans basketball team won?


What where some team names that rebecca soni swim on?

USC Trojans

What are the usc trojans football team weak at?

Scheduling decent competition

What Soccer team has a letter j in the name?

The USC trojans soccer team has a j in the name

What team do lil romeo play for?

USC Trojans - University of Southern California

What baseball team has won the most NCAA championships ever?

USC Trojans with 12.