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To see a football game of the team the USC Trojans, one should visit the official USC Trojans webpage for tickets. Alternatively, one can get tickets from sites such as 'Stubhub'.

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Q: Where can one see a football game of the USC Trojans?
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How many current players from USC are in the NFL now?

The University of Southern California Trojans has one of the most recognizable college football teams in the country. There are currently 53 former USC players in the NFL.

Which college football teams have never played a FCS team?

I know Notre Dame, USC Trojans, and I think UCLA. I think there is one or two more.

What is the number one college football team?

The USC trojans are never ranked high enough or in the discussion for #1 but they should be. They are the best team in college football history! If you don't believe me ask the stats.

What Bowl game was played in Rome in 1944?

The 1944 Rose Bowl, played on January 1, 1944, was a college football bowl game, the 30th Rose Bowl Game. The game featured two teams from the Pacific Coast Conference. The USC Trojans defeated the Washington Huskies 29-0 in a one-sided game.

Were the USC Trojans known as the Fighting Methodists?

as far as I know, yes. I attend USC and have been talking about team mascots and their origins at length in one of my current classes.

What NCAA school has the most Div 1 national championships in one sport?

USC Trojans have 26 National Championships in Mens Track and Field.

What is the most popular sports team in Los Angeles?

The USC Trojans football team average over 90,000 fans a game and the Dodgers are one of baseball's most popular and successful franchises. However, I think it's hard to argue against the popularity of the Los Angeles Lakers, easily the most popular sports team in L.A.

What is the USC Trojans mascot?

The University of Southern California's official mascot is Traveler the white horse. (The following is an excerpt taken from the official USC website. Traveler, the noble white horse that appears at all USC home football games with a regal Trojan warrior astride, is one of the most famous college mascots. Traveler first made an appearance at USC football games in 1961 (in the home opener versus Georgia Tech). Bob Jani, then USC's director of special events, and Eddie Tannenbaum, then a junior at USC, had spotted Richard Saukko riding his white horse, Traveler I, in the 1961 Rose Parade. They persuaded Saukko to ride his white horse around the Coliseum during USC games, serving as a mascot. Ever since, whenever USC scores, the band plays "Conquest" and Traveler gallops around the Coliseum. The university its self got the nickname "Trojans" many years earlier, due to the fighting spirit of it's athletes in the face of superior colleges.

How many footballs are needed in a game of football?

One football is required for a game of football.

Is USC bad at sports?

USC has some pretty good sports programs in their history. Their men's tennis team is really good. They are at the top of the rankings almost every year and have sealed a few championships. USC's football program is one of the top programs in the country. Reggie Bush and OJ Simpson are their top running backs that they have had, both have won Heisman trophies (Bush's Heisman though is vacated due to NCAA violations). Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart are both Heisman winning quarterbacks that have played for the Trojans also. Actually, Leinart won in 2004 and Bush won in 2005. The Trojans football team have also a few national championships under their belt.

How many football BCS championships has USC won?

USC has 11 National Championships in men's football but only one BCS Championship in 2004.But this one win will be taken away shortly due to NCAA violations regarding Reggie Bush. I separated this question back out from "How many football BCS championships has USC won" because they are two different questions. When the BCS takes away USC's single BCS championship, it will not change the fact that they won it. They will still have won a BCS championship, but they will not have a BCS championship.

When did Steve poulter play football at USC?

He's a USC football fan and he says that he played football there, but he's very vague and can't/won't provide details or any photos. For such an avid fan, and for all the talk, you'd think that there would be at least one photo in his home. Draw your own conclusion.

How many NFL teams play in a college stadium?

One NFL team plays in a college stadium, the LA Rams, who play in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans.

Is usc a university?

One abbreviation for USC is University of Southern California.

Who is the most famous person on the USC Trojans?

EVER? that's John Wayne... one of the most filmed people ever.... Currently?... i dunno.. they have a few popular.. but none like sanchez from last year

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What USC quarterbacks never started for USC?

There are a lot that never started at USC, if you mean QBs that went to NFL without starting at USC then Matt Cassel is one.

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The average football game ticket costs just about 500 dollars.

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