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Q: Which team is better Chelsea or Liverpool?
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Which is better Chelsea or Liverpool in playing?

of course Chelsea Liverpool are crap their even worser than every team Chelsea is better Way!

What football team is better Chelsea football club or Liverpool?


Is chealsea beter than Liverpool?

Yes Chelsea are a better team then Liverpool.

Who is the better side Liverpool or everton?

Liverpool but Chelsea is a lot better

Who are better Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool?

Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

Is Liverpool better than Chelsea?

In some ways yes.. Liverpool is better then Chelsea. Chelsea is the team that always cheet Liverpool have a good mix of young and experienced players.. Unlike Chelsea, some are Experienced (but verrry old) Players.... This obviously means Liverpool are better. Actually Liverpool because they the secound most successful club in the Barclay's primier league. In addition to this Satchin supports Chelski so even though Liverpool are pathetic, they are much better than Chelski CHELSEA IS BETTER THAN YOUR MUM SO GET F*CKED

What is the best team in the galaxy?

Liverpool and Chelsea

What team did torres go to after Liverpool?

Chelsea FC

Does Fernando Torres like Liverpool or Chelsea?

He likes chelsea,because he knows he will do better at chelsea

Are Liverpool better than Chelsea?

Not on current form

How many times has Liverpool beaten Chelsea in 2012?

It doesn't matter Liverpool are better! ;)

Is Liverpool better or Chelsea?

Liverpool were better scoring goals 2-0 to Chelsea, but only because Lapmard was red carded so I say they are equal, jks lol Chelsea for lyf fagits

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