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The New York/San Francisco Giants.

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Q: Which team has the mst players in the hall of fame?
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The time difference between PST and MST is 1 hour. Example: 8 AM in PST = 9 AM in MST.

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I do believe it is talking about Mountain Standard Time as MST is the zone Montana City is located in. see related links for a world clock to show the MST time

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States of the United States that are in more than one time zone are, in alphabetical order,... Alaska (MeST, AKST/AKDT & HAST/HADT) Arizona - March to November only (MST & MST/MDT) Florida (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Idaho (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) Indiana (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Kansas (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Kentucky (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Michigan (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Nebraska (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Nevada (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) North Dakota (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Oregon (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) South Dakota (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Tennessee (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Texas (CST/CDT & MST/MDT)

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What time is 9.00 pm ist equal to in mst time arizona?

21:00 (9 PM) India Standard Time = 08:30 MST 21:00 Israel Standard Time = 12:00 MST 21:00 Irish Summer Time = 13:00 (1pm) MST

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MST in the US is 17 hours behind Queensland time. If it is 7:00pm MST in the US on Thursday evening, it is 12:00 midday on Friday in Queensland.

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There is a two-hour difference, so 11 am MST would be 1 pm EST.

If it is 1100 mst time what time is est?

There is a two-hour difference, so 11 am MST would be 1 pm EST.

If you have a mst facedown and then you play a spell card like polymerization then your opponent uses mst to destroy polymerization can you use your mst to destroy their mst and save polymerization?

There's a bit of confusion here between the terms 'negate' and 'destroy'. MST is a destruction card, it cannot negate the effect of an activated card. If Polymerization is activated, chaining a destruction card to it like MST won't do anything. Polymerization's card may go to the graveyard earlier than normal but the effect will still resolve. Likewise chaining a second MST will just destroy the first MST's card, but the first MST will still resolve, though as above there is no need to 'save' Polymerization since it's going to resolve properly anyway. To stop Polymerization from resolving, you must use a negation card like Magic Jammer. That will stop the effect from ever happening.