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Q: Which team has been awarded the most penalties in the premier league?
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How many penalties have Liverpool been awarded in the premier league?

Too many

Which premier league side has been awarded the most penalties?

manchester united

Which Premier League side has been awarded the most penalties this season?


Which premier league team has been awarded the most penalties this season and how many?

man u

How many penalties have been awarded this season in english premier league 2011 2012?


How many penalties have arsenal been awarded in the last 2 premier league seasons?


What spl team has been awarded the most penalties since the scottish premier league began?

Glasgow Rangers

Who are the only team in the Barclays Premier League not to have been awarded a penalty this season?

Everton has not been awarded a penalty during the season of 2010/11.

How many penalties have man united been awarded?

6 penalties awarded to man u

Which Premiership team has been awarded the least penalties in Season 2007 to 2008?

everton have been awarded no penalties this season

Which premiership team has been awarded most penalties?

The premiership team that has been awarded the most penalties is Liverpool. The team has received 119 penalties. They average 5.8 penalties since the 2003/2004 season.

Which team has won the Barclay's premier league for keeps?

No team has been awarded the Premier League trophy for longer than the season they are champions. The only possible exception was the specially commissioned gold Premier League trophy awarded to Arsenal in the unbeaten season of 2003/04. Most teams commission a replica trophy to be retained in their trophy cabinets.

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