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The overall winner of the 2012 NFL standings was of course the Baltimore Ravens, the winner of the Superbowl. There are also conference winners and those were New England for the East Division, Baltimore for the North Division, Houston for the South Division, and Denver in the West Division for the AFC and Washington for the East Division, Green Bay for the North Division, Atlanta for the South Division, and San Fransisco for West Division in the NFC.

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Q: Which team ended up at the top of the 2012 NFL standings?
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Where can on find the standing of their favorite NFL team?

If one wants to find the standings of their favorite NFL team, one can check the NFL official website. It contains full team standings and statistics, as well as individual players.

What NFL team has the most 3 and outs in the NFL 2012?


Can NFL interconference games affect overall standings?

yes, they affect your record and therefore affect overall standings.

What does Net Pts mean in NFL standings?

In any NFL team standing, the Net Points (Net Pts) are the Points For (PF) minus the Points Against (PA). PF - PA = Net Pts

What nfl team has the most injuries 2012?


What are the odds of guessing the team standings of an entire NFL season correctly?

Very very very very low. 1 in a billion chance

Are the Arizona Cardinals the best team?

This an opinion based question. The way to answer that is to look at the standings year to year. So technically the best NFL team would be the New England Patriots and/or Indianapolis Colts.

What does GB mean in standings?

GB stands for the Green Bay Packers. They are an NFL team with big point scorers such as Aaron Rodgers, and Greg Jennings.

Which team will pick 1st for the 2012 nfl drafting?

The Colts

What is the best nfl team of 2012?

new england patriots

What does STRK mean in the NFL standings?

That stands for streak and is the number of games the team has won or lost in a row. A W in front of the number means the team has won that number in a row, an L in front means the team has lost that number in a row.

What does LG mean in NFL standings?

Longest GainIt's the longest reception caught in the game.