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Levi Brown is an American football offensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). He was born on March 16, 1984 in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

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Q: Which team does American football player Levi Brown play for?
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How tall is Levi Brown?

NFL player Levi Brown is 6'-02''.

What college did NFL player Levi Brown play for?

NFL player Levi Brown played for Temple.

How much does NFL player Levi Brown weigh?

NFL player Levi Brown weighs 310 pounds.

When did Levi Brown starts playing football?

he started playing in 2007 in Nashville NC

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What is Levi Brown's birthday?

Levi Brown was born on March 16, 1984.

When was Levi Brown born?

Levi Brown was born on March 16, 1984.

What NFL team does Levi Brown play for?

Levi Brown plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

What position does Levi Brown play?

Levi Brown plays Defensive Tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.

How old is Levi Brown?

Levi Brown is 27 years old (birthdate: March 16, 1984).

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