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I think in the 2009 T20 world cup

He took 5 wickets for 6 runs

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Q: Which t20 has umar gul taken the most wickets?
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How many wickets is taken by Umar Gul in T20 International Cricket till now?


How many wickets did Umar Gul take in the ICC twenty world cup 2009?

13 wickets.

Where do the Pakistani crickter umar gul live?

Umar Gul live in Peshawar Pakistan.

What is the name of umar gul's daughters name?

rahab gul

Is Umar gul is sunni or wahabi?

umer gul is a suuni.

Does umar gul have any kids?


Is umar gul pathan?

Yes umar gul pathan... he belong to khyber agency he also from Afridi tribal... and now he live in peshawar nawa kali..

How tall is Umar Gul?

6 ft. 4 in.

Who is the replacement for umar gul in t20 worldcup?

Mohd Aamir.

Who won the best bowler award in T20 2009?

umar gul

Who scored most runs and who is the highest wicket taker in 20-20 cricket world cup 2009?

The greatest number of runs in the 2009 ICC World Twenty20, a total of 317 from 214 balls, with an innings high of 96 not out, were scored by Sri Lankan batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan. The greatest number of wickets, a total of 13, were taken by Umar Gul, whose best bowling statistics in the tournament were 5/6 - that is to say, 5 wickets for 6 runs.

Who is second leading wicket taker in T20 international?

umar gul-pakistan