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Levis 501 Red Tab - Shrink to Fit, Levis 511 Red Tab - Slimfit, Levis 512 Red Tab - Slimfit and Levis 505 Red Tab (similar to 501, except with a zipper) the the best for swimming and diving. All of these are hydrodynamic - narrow - slim leg, close fit elsewhere and draw-up for good athletic support. These offer the same protection as a 1mm wet suit.

Add a neoprene or rash guard top for the famous "Top & Levis". Great with dive boots and fins for protection in open water against cuts, scrapes and stings.

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Levi's offers a line of swimwear specifically designed for swimming and diving activities. These items are typically made from quick-drying materials and come in styles such as boardshorts and swim trunks to provide comfort and functionality for water sports.

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Q: Which styles of Levis are used for swimming and diving?
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