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It is Larson.

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2011-02-26 10:28:24
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Q: Which striker played for Birmingham city and arsenal?
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Who were arsenal playing when eduardo broke his leg?

Birmingham City

Who was the loudest football team ever at wembley?

It has to be birmingham city fc when they played arsenal at wembley for the 2011 carling cup final. birmingham won 2-1

Who scored the winning goal for Birmingham city 2011?

In the Carling cup final between Arsenal and Birmingham, the winning goals was scored by O.Martins after a mistake by the Arsenal goalkeeper and defender.

What is the biggest rivalry in the epl?

Birmingham City - Aston Villa Manchester United - Manchester City Chelsea - West Ham United Arsenal - Tottenham My opinion: Birmingham City - Aston Villa

Which team won this season's Carling Cup?

2011- Birmingham City. They (annoyingly) beat Arsenal in the final 2-1. Birmingham scored in the last few minutes after a mess up from the Arsenal keeper and defender.

What teams are still in the f a cup?

Man utd, arsenal, Reading, man city, Birmingham, Stoke and 2 others

What player has played for arsenal man city and Liverpool?


Who has trevor francis played for?

I know he definitely played for Birmingham City

Has Bacary Sagna signed for Arsenal?

No. He played for Arsenal between 2007 and 2014, but now plays for Manchester City.

What international striker has played for three premiership clubs?

The only one I can think of has played for five premiership clubs: 1997-99 Arsenal. 2002 (loan) Liverpool. 2002-2005 Manchester city. 2006-2008 Bolton. 2008- present, Chelsea. Nicholas Anelka.

Which player has played for arsenal man city and sunderland?

Niall Quinn.

What football teams has Andy Cole played for?

In a 19-year domestic career between 1989 and 2008, Andy Cole played for: Arsenal, Fulham, Bristol City, Newcastle United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Birmingham City (on loan), Sunderland, Burnley (on loan), and Nottingham Forest.

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