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christiano ronaldo

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Q: Which steeler football player was nicknamed twinkle toes?
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What famous rugby or football players do ballet for strength and balance?

One player who when young did dance was Shane Williams of Ospreys and Wales Rugby Union - He now is nicknamed twinkle toes by his team mates

Which football player is nicknamed Black Pearl?


What football player is nicknamed ice cube?


What football player was nicknamed wrong way corrigan?


Which German football player was nicknamed Der Kaiser?

Dietmar Hamann

What football player was nicknamed Sheriff?

"The Sheriff" = ""Peyton Manning", Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts (nicknamed by Coach John Gruden)

Did a football player play for the University of Alabama nicknamed The Deuce?

David Palmer. 90-93

Who was nicknamed the refrigerator?

William Perry, American Football Player, best known for his years with the Chicago Bears

Who is The football player his is nickname black gem?

Maybe your thinking of Pele who was nicknamed the Black Pearl.

What actors and actresses appeared in Madhouse - 1974?

The cast of Fighting Back - 1980 includes: Nick Angotti as Assistant Coach Matt Bahr as Steeler Player John Banaszak as Steeler Player Bonnie Bedelia as Aleta Theo Bell as Steeler Player John Berwick as Hudson Darrell Brown as Steeler Player Art Carney as Art Rooney Enrique Castillo as Carlos John Chappell as Buff Boston Robin Cole as Steeler Player Howard Cosell as himself Steve Courson as Steeler Player Heshimu Cumbuka as Soldier Bennie Cunningham as Steeler Player Sam Davis as Steeler Player Russell Davis as Steeler Player Tom Dornbrook as Steeler Player Gary Dunn as Steeler Player Steve Furness as Steeler Player Derrick Glasper as Steeler Player Simone Griffeth as Marcy Stephanie Hankinson as Jan Greg Hawthorne as Steeler Player Theresa Hayes as Receptionist Richard Herd as Chuck Noll Barton Heyman as Coach Dennis Howard as Ken Jerry Lacy as Dr. Jenson Ken Letner as Business Manager Bob Levine as Rival Owner Peggy McCay as Ellen Bleier Bernie McInerney as Team Doctor Sandy McPeak as Bob Bleier Robert Milie as Steeler Player Jed Mills as Roger Rick Moser as Steeler Player Gerry Mullins as Steeler Player Lynn Philip Seibel as Jerry Ray Pinney as Steeler Player Raymond Serra as Tony Parisi Joe Shelby as Dirt Denardo Grounds Crew Manager Bubba Smith as Jacobs Jim Smith as Steeler Player Joe Spano as Captain Murphy John Stallworth as Steeler Player Cliff Stoudt as Steeler Player Calvin Sweeney as Steeler Player Steve Tannen as Terry Hanratty Sidney Thornton as Steeler Player Robert Urich as Rocky Bleier Dwight White as Steeler Player Dennis Winston as Steeler Player Dwayne Woodruff as Steeler Player

What football player was nicknamed night train?

Dick Lane (1928 - 2002) He estasblished a record for the most interceptions in an NFL season

Was there a football player last name stork?

Ted Hendricks, outside LB for Raiders 1974-83, was nicknamed, "the Mad Stork."