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Q: Which state has the most school participating in the men's basketball NCAA tournament?
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What schools played in the first NCAA basketball tournament?

1939 was the first NCAA tournament. The teams participating were: Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah State, Villanova, Brown, Wake Forest, Ohio State Ohio State and Oregon played in the Final with Oregon winning the first NCAA Tournament.

What were the fewest total points ever scored in a Wisconsin boys' high school basketball state tournament game?


Do you capitalize state tournament?

At the beginning of the sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun. Example: Boys Basketball State Tournament

Which state has never had a team in the NCAA basketball tournament?


Who won the men's NCAA basketball tournament in 1979?

Michigan State defeated Indiana State, 75-64, to win the 1979 NCAA basketball tournament.

What state has sent the most different schools to the NCAA basketball tournament since the tournament started?


Who won the men's NCAA basketball tournament in 1960?

Ohio State.

How many teams are from the state of Ohio in the NCAA basketball tournament?


Which state has never had a team in the NCAA men's basketball tournament?


How many times has Kansas state won the men's NCAA basketball tournament?

Kansas State has never won the NCAA Basketball Tournament. farthest the have made it in the tournament was 1951 national championship game and lost 68-58

What are the names of the colleges from California participating in the March Madness tournament?

San Diego State, Cal-Berkeley, Long Beach State

1984 NAIA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament?

Fort Hays State

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