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Q: Which state has more college basketball teams?
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Why is college basketball more popular than the NBA Everytime I turn the tv on there's twice as many colllege games as there is NBA games.?

Because college basketball has more teams than the NBA so they have to have more games .

How many teams have won 25 or more games in college basketball in each season since 2006?

2. Southeast Hawaii State A&M Tech University and Northern Iowa State Tech

How many college basketball teams make the NCAA touurnament?

Over the years the NCAA tournament has expanded to include more and more teams. Today, the total number of teams that make the tournament stands at 68.

What state has the most college teams in the 2012 ncaa mens basketball tournament?

North Carolina sent 5 teams to the 2012 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament. NC State, UNC, Duke, Davidson, and UNC Asheville. I'm pretty sure this was the more than any other state. Virginia had a good showing as well. I'm not sure if Georgetown is in Virginia or Washington D.C.

What college basketball teams are in the Big East Conference?

College basketball teams have many more conferences than football conferences. Even small colleges can field quality national basketball teams. A group of so-called "Catholic colleges" have taken the old Big East conference name and it now is for basketball teams. Butler, however, is not affiliated with Catholic Universities, it is a private non religious university. Villanova, Seton Hal,l Butler, Providence, DePaul, St. Johns, Creighton, Xavier, Georgetown, and Marquette

Do you get looked at more by scouts when playing overseas basketball or college basketball?


What sports are Kansas known for?

Kansas is known for college basketball and football, but more for college basketball.

How is a US team different from a college team?

the U.S. has more and more better players in the teams then college schools have. Because college schools have students that are more under pressure and some players on the college teams are not as smart as the u.s. Teams.

How do they rank college basketball teams?

by wins and losses, and the games they have had, that is why North Carolina is higher ranked than Memphis, cause they have a lot more harder games to play

Why are college and pro basketball periods different?

College isn't experienced more than pro basketball

Does any state have more than 3 NFL teams?

NO state has more then 3 NLF teams ...

What percentage of high school basketball players play college ball and what percentage of college players go on to professional ball?

way less than football because football teams have more players on one team. Basketball has usually 9 to 15 players compared to 53 players on a football team.

What College Basketball team has the most fans?

UCONN! but I would say Kentucky......... Becuase no teams won more Than Kentucky. (I'm a huge Uconn fan)

What is the average age for ncaa mens basketball teams?

Well, you enter college when your aged 17-19, and then four more years, so 21-23, so that makes an average of 20 years old.

Why isn't college baseball as popular as college football and basketball?

It varies, but in general, college baseball is not something enjoyed by the general public, the public enjoys more football and basketball for college.

When does NCAA basketball 11 come out?

Ea has cancelled Ncaa basketball 11 sadly. But 2k might make some college basketball game but until then there will be no more college basketball video games. :(

Why do NCAA basketball teams play some of their own conference teams more than once?

It Gives Both Teams A Home Court Advantage, Also It Gives The More Fans A Chance To See The Two Teams Play.

What are the virgina's sports teams?

basketball,football,volleyball,lacross,wrestling and more

Is overseas basketball better than college basketball?

you get paid quite a bit more overseas

Who has the most college basketball wins?

Kentucky has the most wins in college basketball. because last year Kentucky was the first team to wins over 2000 basketball games in college basketball and are still adding on more wins as the years go on. not Louisville, not UNC, not even Duke.

Who sells more apprel in college basketball?

The Texas Longhorns do.

Is college basketball better than overseas basketball?

Ultimately, it depends on your taste. College basketball brings out nationalism from each college, with the fans more raucous than any other professional team. The rivalries are present in each division, and when the rivals come to town, the games get very intense. The teams treat each game as though the season is on the line, and thus give 100% every game. They are also younger and more eager to play. Overseas, these guys are professionals. They have (for the most part) been to college and understand the game. The games will be less sloppy (fewer turnovers) with players having a a greater sense of how to play. Fantastic passes and alley-oops will be present, along with a tenacity synonymous with the international teams.

What is most popular college football or college basketball?

College football is more popular, by total views on the television network.

What percentage of high school players make it to the NBA?

Assuming you mean in the United States alone, the number is very small: .02%, to be exact.There are about 15 kids on a high school team. There is one scholarship given to play college basketball to about 1 kid out of 5-7 teams. That is 1/90 kids.There are over 250 college basketball teams in the nation. There are about 12 kids on those teams, making about 3000 male athletes in total.There will be 60 lucky individuals chosen in the NBA draft, and about 15-20 more who will make NBA teams with impressive NBA Summer League performances. That is about 80 kids in total.The end result is not favorable for those who wish to become professional basketball players: only about .02% of male basketball players make the NBA. In others words, only 1/5000 male basketball players who make their high school team will make it in the NBA.

What are the 119 college football teams?

There are technically far more than 119 college football teams. The 119 are the ones that are nationally ranked. But smaller schools also have teams, But they cannot compete with the larger schools.