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City of Coventry Stadium, Coventry

Hampden Park, Glasgow

Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Old Trafford, Manchester

St James' Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Wembley Stadium, London

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Q: Which stadiums will be used for the olympics in football?
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How many stadiums are being used in the 2012 Olympics?

4 Stadiums

In the ancient Olympics did they have stadiums?

yes they did have stadiums

How many stadiums will be used in the 2012 Olympics?

17 stadiums will be used, because there will be more contries coming to this olimpics. .:Pie Man:.

How many places to stay in new york are there for visitors?

a bunch a specialy football stadiums a bunch a specialy football stadiums

How many Olympics stadiums in London?


What is the total number of stadiums in Olympics?

a bunch

How many speed skating stadiums are in the Olympics?

There is one for every winter Olympics.

How many stadiums are there?

it depends... football, a certain team, baseball, or all the stadiums in the world?

How many stadiums in Mexico?

There are over 113 stadiums for professional sports in Mexico:46 Football (soccer) stadiums27 Baseball stadiums16 auto racing stadiums9 American Football stadiums9 Bullfighting stadiums6 Multi-purpose stadiums

How many soccer stadiums are in Spain?

There are 96 official football stadiums in Spain. Apart from these, there are many other unofficial and small stadiums.

How may stadiums are their for the London Olympics 2012?


How many football stadiums are there in the world?

no one knows how many football stadiums there are in the world because you would have to go all around the world!

Did the ancient Olympics build special stadiums each time?

No, the temple and stadium in Olympia were used games after games.

Where do people watch football?

people watch football on the TV or in stadiums

What type of grass is used for football fields?

Most indoor stadiums use AstroTurf and outdoor stadiums use natural grass. Also most use green grass!:)

How long does it take to build the stadiums for the Olympics?

2000 years

Can you smoke at football stadiums in the UK?

yes you can

Do Football soccer stadiums have Out-of-town Scoreboards?


What events are held in football stadiums?


How many nfl football stadiums are there?


How many football stadiums are their in the US?


Which stadiums are being used for the 2012 Olympics?

City of Coventry Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Olympic Stadium.

What happens to olympic stadiums once finished with?

The Birds nest will be used for the home of the china football team

What will happen to the stadiums after the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

It can be used for football matches, as well as live concerts.

Is football in the Olympics?

because it is not popular enough and does not fit the requirements of the OlympicsNo, football is not in the olympics. Basketball,hockey and bobsled racing are in the olympics, but not football

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