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Q: Which sports team has the largest number of fans?
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Which football team has the highest number of fans?

Manchester united has the largest number of fans, followed by Real Madrid.

What sports team has the most fans?

Manchester united - 330 million fans worldwide

How do sports rank in poularity?

based on how good the team is and how many fans they have. if there are a lot of fans then that means the team is obviosly liked.

Which American sports Team has the most fans?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Which sport has the most passionate fans?

Many sports fans are passionate about their sport and their favourite team. So there is no real answer to this question. Traditionally football fans sing at most grounds and support their team for the length of their lives. Football teams around the world have an attachment to the area and cannot be moved. However cricket fans in India are passionate, in usa gridiron and baseball fans are noisy and care for their favourite team, as do ice hockey fans in Canada. So no one sport has all the most passionate fans. Football has the most fans around the world and thus the highets number of passionate fans so if that is what you were asking, which sport has the largest number of passionate fans, then the answer would be football.

What professional sports teams are underrated?

This is a very broad question that is nearly impossible to answer. Almost any professional sports team that is not at the top of their particular league will have a number of fans and analysts claiming that the team is underrated.

What college was voted as the sports fans' favorite team?

boston college

Aside from the athletes name someone who sports fans complain about?

Referee/umpire, coach, other team's fans, announcers, team owner

Is Cam Newton Auburns whole team?

well most Alabama fans think he is because he is all the sports people talk about and he is on all the t-shirts.also almost all auburn fans have a number 2 jersy.

What sports team has a mascot named Who Dey?

The sports team with the mascot name Who Dey is the National Football League team the Cincinnati Bengals. He entertains the fans during games at Paul Brown Stadium.

Which NFL team has the highest number of fans?

the Pittsburgh Steelers

What is the number one sports team?


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