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All sports have tactics in them.

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Q: Which sports have tactics in them?
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What is a sports repoter?

The sports reporter is also called a sports journalist. A sport reporter refers to an individual who writes stories, news and tactics on the various sports disciplines.

What does tactics in sports mean?

why cant you guys answers an easy question this is crap

What is the same between sports and games?

Off the top of my head. Social interaction strategy and tactics competition and cooperation

What where William's tactics?

his tactics were called Guerilla tactics.

Why do you need good knowledge to be a sports leader?

to know about what to do in certain types like health and saftey, tactics and the rules for new members

How have sports changed since they were first created?

Evolved and improved right down to tactics, player ability, and equipment/kits used

What is the role sport played during world war 1 and 2?

on a minor basis sports could have been served as a minor distraction from the war, but on a more serious basis, it served as tactics to win the war by the different nations . The soldiers could have been trained using the ways of certain sports as tactics in winning the war.

Discuss the ways in which transfer of learning can be used effectively when developing skills plus tactics in sports? is ideal for this. we use it for e-coaching.

What tactics can you use in football?

tactics for football

What tactics were used in the battle of agincourt?

No tactics

What is the German word for tactics?

tactics = Taktik

Why do you use tactics?

Why do I use tactics? Well, because tactics are better than brute force.

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