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Swimming, diving, synchronize swimming

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Q: Which sports are practiced in water?
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What sports are in Hawaii?

Surfing is widely practiced in Hawaii.

What are the most practiced sports in America?

Baseball and Futball

Where is water polo practiced?

it can be practiced in any pool.

What sports were practiced in Ancient Greece?

Some sports are golf, tennis, Greek Olympics, and marathons.

Why are women not good on sports?

Women are good on sports. The point is that men have 10 times more testosterone than hers. So, sports practiced by women must be completely separated than those practiced by men.

What are the sports of Cuba?

The national sport is baseball, although other ball sports like soccer are practiced.

What sports are practiced in Italy?

Ik one is soccer and I think tennis

What is the Second most practiced sports?

Well the first most practiced sport is 1. soccer and number two is... 2. swimming.

What is aqua sports?

water sports. sports that involve water Sports in water like swimming,water volley ball.

What are the most practiced sports in the world?

Some of the most practiced sports in the world include American Football, Basketball, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, and Cricket. The popularity of a sport depends on the country it is being played.

What are the five major team sports practiced in the States?

5 major team sports are basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and football

What does water sports mean?

Sports that has got to do with water.

What did the greek men practice sports every day?

the Greek man played sports every day because they practiced for the Olympics games.

What is aqua sport meaning?

water sports. sports that involve water Sports in water like swimming,water volley ball.

How are the Summer Olympic Winter Olympic and Paralympic games different?

Summer Olympics - sports that are practiced during the summer months, such as swimming and basketball. Winter Olympics - sports practiced during winter months, such as skiing and snowboarding. Paralympics - in which the contenders have disablities

What are the dangers of water sports?

Well... drowning is a danger of water sports...

Is snow boarding the best of all sports?

No it's not. Snowboarding is a great sport but it can only be practiced with certain conditions and in certain places. Indoor sports can be practiced in any weather, any place in the world. Running may be the best sport of all because no equipment whatsoever is required and it can be practiced indoors or out, in most climates and weather conditions.

Water sports in Europe?

water polo, water skiing, diving, swimming, basically sports to do with water - dumbos

Which sea in Greece can you do water sports in?

You can do water sports in the Agean. It is deep and warm.

How many water Sports were there in the Olympics?

roughly about 7 different water sports

How do you say water sports in french?

sports aquatiques

What are famous sports of Maui Hawaii?

Water Sports

What are the team sports practiced in the States?

Baseball, Hockey, American Football, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, swimming and volleyball

What sports did blacksmiths play in the 1700s?

black smiths played sword fight were they practiced there skills of sword fighting

What is water sports?

Water sports is sports played in water like: paragliding snorkelling rafting sailing canoeing rowing kayaking scuba diving and similar