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Q: Which sport requires the most speed and accuracy?
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The sport that requires the most athleticism?


How does playing volleyball help you?

Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of foot work and speed. But most importantly, it requires good teamwork. Volleyball is a team sport, therefore, to be good at volleyball, you must know how to be a good team. ~ Hexedgirl92

Which sport requires the most skill?

Table Tennis

What is the most common drug in sport?

Speed or Cocaine

What sport has the most injuries in college?

speed walking

Which sport requires the most intense training?

Boxing. It requires endurance, physical fitness, mental fitness and skill.

What sports require most speed?

I think that track, cross country, football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, swimming, and mainly ever sport in the book. :D I mean... can you think of any sport that doesn't require speed? Even tennis requires you to get quickly to the tennis ball...

What team sport requires the most players?

Rugby, Football, cricket and Hockey.

What specific sports use accuracy?

There are many sports that need accuracy to win but the sport I think of the most when it comes to accuracy is football. Quarterbacks have to be exact on most of their throws. The difference between one inch in football is a touchdown or an interception. Saying this it is important for Quarterbacks to keep improving their accuracy if they want to compete on a high level.

What sport uses speed training?

If you were to pick a sport that focuses mainly on speed training it would most likely be track. Track is great for endurance and it helps build you leg muscles. Track would be a good sport that uses speed training!

What sport won most medals for Canada in 1998 Nagano?

Speed skating.

What is the most tactical sport?

Football is a world wide sport. The sport requires physical and mental fitness. Tactics are everywhere in every position in football, including the goalkeeper. Full backs require the most of the tactics as they play the most defensive and offensive!

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