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Q: Which sport pitch is called diamond?
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Related questions

Which sport's pitch is called the Diamond?

its baseball

What is part of a diamond called?

Of a gemstone, part of that diamond is called the table. This is the smooth top of the cut diamond. Of the sport, part of that diamond is called home base. This is the starting and ending location for each batter.

Which sports is played on a diamond?

baseballThe sport played on a field called a diamond is baseball. The diamond is made up of first base, second base, third base, and home plate, all in a diamond shape.

Which sport is played in a 'diamond'?

Its baseball

Which sport is played on a 'diamond'?


Which sport is played on a 'diamond?


What sport did Neil Diamond excel at?


Which sport did Neil Diamond play in?


What sport did neil diamond excell in?


What sport did Neil diamond play?


Which sport did neil diamond excel in?


Which sport does Neil Diamond excel in?

Neil Diamond plays tennis. No- Fencing!

What is a diamond object called?

A diamond object is usually called a diamond, but can also be called a rock, a stone, or simply bling.

What sport was neil diamond good at?

Neil diamond was 10 when he was in socer

Is baseball pitch diamond or round?


What shaped pitch baseball played on?


What is the 45.5 carat blue diamond called?

There is a famous diamond of about this weight called the Hope Diamond.

The term 'diamond' is associated with which sport?


What is a group of diamonds called?

A group of diamond is called a cluster

Which sport has the largest pitch area?

Golf is the sport that has the largest pitch area. It may take many hours or even different days to cover all the holes in a golf course.

What is process of cutting diamond called?

The process is called diamond cutting.

What shaped pitch do American play on for baseball?


What is the scientific name for a diamond?

Diamond is called diamond in the world of science, except when it's called an allotrope of carbon.

What is a diamond in the sport softball?

It is all four bases it is like baseball

What shape is a rounders pitch?

football shaped of course.