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it must be football

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Q: Which sport is watched more football or basketball?
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What is more watched college basketball or football?

College football is more watched. Football is the most famous sport in the US and is the most watched by far.

What is the most watch sport wrestling or football?

Football is a more watched sport.

Is basketball watched more than any other sport?

No, soccer is the most watched sport in the world.

What is watched more around the world hockey or basketball?

The Most watched Sport in the World is Soccer Following by Hockey and basketball

Is hockey more watched then football basketball nd baseball?

Hell no

Is football or fishing is the most popular sport in the UK?

football is more watched than fishing

Which is the best paid sport between basketball and football?

Football ofcourse why ? tell me more

What sport is most watched hockey or basketball?

Basketball has more viewers in the United States while hockey is #1 in Canada.

Do more people like basketball more than any other sport in America?

No, the most watched sport in America is surprisingly NASCAR...

Do more people watch basketball than any other sport in the world?

Porn is the most watched

What sport does more running football or basketball?

having sex or runing for woman

Which is watched more Baseballs or Basketball?


Which is more popular basketball or volleyball?

Volleyball and basketball are even! They are both a fun sport and are watched!!! Another question u might want to ask is Is volleyball or soccer more popular well soccer is more popular and is watched more.

Is volleyball or basketball more popular?

Volleyball and Basketball are even! They are both a fun sport and are watched!!! Another question u might want to ask is Is volleyball or soccer more popular well soccer is more popular and is watched more.

Is football the most popular sport in America?

No America it is Baseball and basketball are more famous.

What is the sport whos make more money?

football,basketball,wwe wrestling,baseball

Which sport requires more physical fitness soccer or basketball?

The answer is rugby / American football

Which sport involves more thinking Basketball or football?

Football it involves more thinking and you need to know which way to go to make a touchdown.

Which is watched more soccer or football?


What sport has the most contact football or basketball?

football because you have to tackle and all that and a lot more people get hurt so it is obvious that it is football.

Is fives a sport?

soccer football baseball basketball hockey volleyball tenis and more are sports

Which is watched more NCAA basketball or NBA?

Throughout the entire season, the NBA is watched more than the NCAA basketball. However, at certain times, this statistic changes. For instance, during March Madness, college basketball is easily more watched. During the NBA playoffs, the NBA basketball is more watched. However, throughout the entire season, the NBA is more watched.

Which sport is more dangerous -- Football or Basketball?

Basketball can be really hurtful to people cause you dont know what can happen, youknow? In football you can get broken ribs and other hurtful stuff.

What sport that take more than two people to play?

Football Baseball Hockey Basketball Soccer

Which is more popular basketball or soccer?

More people like soccer than basketball.Soccer is the most watched and played sport in the world,it is played more than football, baseball, basketball, pool.etc.ANSWER:Soccer is the number one sport in England, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Australia, and many many more countries. Soccer is very popular because it doesn't have as many rules as basketball. The two main rules are don't use your hands and only the goalie can pick the ball up.