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Hell no

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2010-02-28 23:48:00
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Q: Is hockey more watched then football basketball nd baseball?
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Hockey baseball basketball football which is the oldest?

Baseball is then Basketball then hockey and then football.

What are the five most watched sports in America?

Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Nascarl Basketball

What are the 10 most watched sports in the US?

# Football # Basketball # Baseball # College Football # College Basketball # Hockey # NASCAR # Golf # Soccer # Wrestling

What is the top five most watched college sports in the us?

football, basketball,lacrosse, baseball. hockey

What is the top 10 most watched sports in the US?

the top 10 most watched sports are football,soccer,basketball,hockey,and baseball

How many states have a professional team in baseball basketball football and hockey?

Atlanta, Georgia Falcons-football Braves-baseball Hawks-basketball Thrashers-hockey California has kings - basketball Giants - baseball sharks - hockey athletics - baseball Angels - baseball clippers - basketball dodgers - baseball padres - baseball raiders - football Warriors - basketball lakers - basketball chargers - football 49ers - football LA kings - hockey ducks - hockey by far and away the most

Is a basketball baseball hockey puck or football heavier?


Which are the most popular sports?

Baseball Basketball Cricket US Football Volleyball Hockey Globally Soccer is the most watched sport of all

Popular sports of 1994 in America?

ice hockey, Canadian ice hockey, Canadian football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

What are the most watched sports in Arizona?

Baseball (Arizona Diamondbacks) Football (Arizona Cardinals) Basketball (Phoenix Suns) Ice Hockey (Phoenix Coyotes)

What is us popular sport?

football, basketball, baseball and Hockey

Is hockey or football watched more?


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