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I think is baseketball because is the best sport.

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Is the national sport of vanautu soccer?

soccer was popular in the 1980s but right now Rugby's more populars I guess it's no.

When was The Populars of Italy Tomorrow created?

The Populars of Italy Tomorrow was created on 2010-09-28.

When was Euro-Populars for San Marino created?

Euro-Populars for San Marino was created in 2007-09.

Is working at banks the populars job in Switzerland?


Who are the populars on pixie hollow?

Tinkerbell Silvermist Rosetta Iridessa Fern

What could be the reason why software is becoming more populars?

because of its good performances.

What are populars food of US?

When I went to America in 2007 everynite there was French fries/Chips

What effect did gold have on New Mexico?

it made it a bigger populars from what happened that day peace out

How do you become queen bee?

Just be friendly to every one and stand up to bullies and the populars.

Where is the most exclusive summer vacation spot in Turkey?

Bodrum, Antalya, İzmir are most populars.

What are the main cliques of teens today?

the populars, geeks, jocks, mean girls, tree huggers

Do geeks talk with there hands?

Well yes and no! Because everyone (Populars - Geeks) talk with there hands.

How do you be popular in high school?

Easy--Go with the flow. Do what populars do, dress like them, act like them, everything!

How popular are James Pattersons books?

there very populars!so popular there the best books in the world (my opinion)

How do you be friends with populars?

Hopefully, your friend is not turning popular. If the other populars don't like you, things could be a catastrophe and a fiasco. If your friend is already in the popular crowd, and the others don't like you, your friend may have to chose which side their on. The way it works with the populars is that there's usually a leader and then there's the followers. The followers are most likely good-looking, commanding, and loud. But the leader is even more. When the leader does something, the followers back them up. If the leader doesn't like you, he/she has strength in numbers. If your friend wants to be a follower, either they'll hopefully back you up, or they'll back out. Very rarely are leaders kicked out of their position. The only way to be friends with populars is to be popular. Populars will kick out one of their own if their leader says to. They will most likely talk behind other populars' backs' if their leader says to. You don't want to be popular. They might have good in highschool, but when they enter the real world, nobody will be worshipping them anymore. Nobody likes stuck up people with entitlement issues. Once your out of highschool, it'll all be over! No matter how long it seems, you won't have to deal with it for long.

What did geogre Washington do?

george washinton was the first president of america so he was the leader of one of the most populars countries

How do you get to be popular at school?

OK, so all you have to do is be friends with a popular girl/boy. Then, you will start building up with the populars

How do teenagers choose their friends?

It could be friends they have known since they were really young, through similar interests and generally just being able to connect with them. If you are a teenager hang with the group of teens that has a wierd variety of people in my clique we have jock, nerds, populars, almost populars, goths, emos, and normls and we have the best time outa anyone!

What has the author Cels Gomis i Mestre written?

Cels Gomis i Mestre has written: 'Meteorologia i agricultura populars' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Catalonia, Folklore, Meteorology

How do you become popular on Facebook?

this ones easy.. post losts of pictures make sure you get in losta of group shots dont be a STALKER dont look like a slut n pictures comment on posts of the populars. add friends be friends with the populars of course check at least 4 times a week Read this article to 'become success on facebook', listed under related links and sources.

What makes sport a sport?

the type of sport that the sport is

What sport is biathlon a summer sport or winter sport?

Winter sport

Is it do sport or watch sport?

It can be both. If you are playing a sport for a team. Then you are doing a sport. If you just sitting on your sofa, you are watching a sport.

Is darts a sport or game?

darts is a sport

Which foods are eaten in Belgium?

The most populars are Waffels, Potatoes and French Fries, Salmon (fish), Mussel, Turkish pizza.. But you can find different foods from all over the world in Belgium :)