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your question has a double positive which means what sport get paid the lest... But the sport the makes the most money in the U.S. is football ...

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Q: Which sport is the most well paid in the US in general?
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Which sport is the most well paid in the USA in general?


What are differences of sport and games?

If you do a sport really well, you can get paid for it. Everything else is a game, especially cheer leading.

How much do atheletes get paid?

It depends on the sport that the athlete plays and how well they play thier sport. Exactly :D

Is India's most played sport hockey?

No, the most played sport as well as the most popular sport in India is Cricket.

What is Greeces most popular sport?

WELL the most popular sport is GREECE is SOCCER,

How much do professional sports players get paid per year?

Well it depends what sport you are talking about. Most professional sports players get paid between 1million and 2millions dollars per year.

What is the most well known sport in Canada?


What are some well paid sport jobs in the US?

Well paid sports jobs vary depending on which sport you would like to pursue a career in. Some of the highest paid sports job allow you to choose the sport you like without having to go back for additional training like Athletic Trainer, Coach, Sports Medicine, Event Marketing and Communications Manager.

What is the most populated sport?

The most popular sport in the world is soccer. The next most popular sports are cricket, basketball, as well as soccer.

Do you have any graphs on the most popular sports?

well the most popular sport in the world is soccer, but baseball is the most viewed sport in America

What is the most boring sport?

Well if you're a nerd and you consider it a sport than it's chess.

Is paintball a well know sport?

It is not an easy sport to enter, and is as uncommon as most extreme sports.

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