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Basketball can be really hurtful to people cause you dont know what can happen, youknow? In football you can get broken ribs and other hurtful stuff.

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Q: Which sport is more dangerous -- Football or Basketball?
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Which sport is watched more football or basketball?

it must be football

What is more dangerous football or baseball?

Football is more dangerous because it is the most physical sport in America. However no sport is dangerous if you play it right, and are in shape!

Which sport is more dangerous football or soccer?

They are both the same sport, unless you referring to American Football and soccer, in which case then American Football is much more dangerous.

Which is more dangerous being on a football team or basketball team?

Football team

What is a more dangerous sport netball or football?

probably football because netball is a non contact sport

Which is the best paid sport between basketball and football?

Football ofcourse why ? tell me more

Why is football better than basketball?

To say that one sport is better than another depends on who you ask. For instance some may say that football is more exiting than basketball while others may say it is more dangerous.

What sport does more running football or basketball?

having sex or runing for woman

What sport has caused more deaths?

I think the most dangerous sport would be wrestling 2nd would be football. (I <3 football)

What is more watched college basketball or football?

College football is more watched. Football is the most famous sport in the US and is the most watched by far.

Is football the most popular sport in America?

No America it is Baseball and basketball are more famous.

What is the sport whos make more money?

football,basketball,wwe wrestling,baseball

Which sport requires more physical fitness soccer or basketball?

The answer is rugby / American football

Is football the most dangerous sport?

No. compared to competitive is crazy easy and yes i have played both. If you want more information, then look up the question : What is the most dangerous sport?

Which sport involves more thinking Basketball or football?

Football it involves more thinking and you need to know which way to go to make a touchdown.

What sport has the most contact football or basketball?

football because you have to tackle and all that and a lot more people get hurt so it is obvious that it is football.

Is fives a sport?

soccer football baseball basketball hockey volleyball tenis and more are sports

Which is more dangerous dancing or football?

football is more dangerous

Is basketball a dangerous sport?

This all depends on your definition of dangerous. Relative to Rugby or Football basketball seems rather tame but relative to golf or tennis the sport seems brutal. Common basketball injuries include sprained ankles, being hit with an elbow, and jammed fingers. More serious injuries do exist but they are significantly less common. As strange as it may sound, basketball is actually one of the most dangerous sports. This is a theory agreed upon by many many doctors.

What sport that take more than two people to play?

Football Baseball Hockey Basketball Soccer

Which is more dangerous football or hockey?

Hockey is a lot more dangerous than football. But football is still reallly dangerous.

What is the Canadian shields most popular sport?

Football(Soccer)/Rugby/Handball/Basketball/Cycling and many more :)

Who pays more basketball or football?


Is basketball more popular than football?

Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

Who is more athletic football or basketball player?

definitely Football is more athletic than basketball